Third Trimester: Prepping for Baby!

Third Trimester: Prepping for Baby!

Most people talk about how the 3rd trimester and final months of pregnancy go so slow and drag on … but in my case they are flying and I need them to slow down because there is so much to do between now and when baby comes! I guess the main reason it has gone so fast is because we have just had an amazing babymoon. We visited lots of different places, enjoying the chance to relax before things get hectic. I would recommend any moms-to-be who can afford a vacation take a look at these babymoon destinations, because vacationing with a baby is very difficult so it’s best to treat yourself before the baby comes along and things change! I thoroughly enjoyed my babymoon, but I’m glad to be back now and I can’t WAIT to meet this little girl, although we have a lot to get ready before she makes her debut.

We are back in California which feels amazing, (and we officially have our doctor for delivery – yay!!) but we haven’t moved into our new place yet and so much has to come together in the next 1.5 months. All of my nesting instincts are kicking in hard and I am dying to get everything set up, but practicing patience for a few more weeks…and trying to keep stress levels low so baby doesn’t come early! It is starting to drive me a little borderline crazy though to just be waiting when there is so much to do and so little time! (We have signed the lease to our place, but are waiting for move-in date which was delayed because a few things are getting redone in our little apartment…so it’s for a good reason).

Luckily I do feel like I’m starting to get all the things needed for baby. Between showers, shopping, and a few collabs*, I have gathered some good items so far and wanted to share them today since lists like these were so helpful for me when starting out the registering/buying process for baby! I was (and am) so clueless and so these are some items that friends and others have pointed me to…I will post more about how I like these once baby is here, but they are some items I’ve loved collecting so far in prep for baby. Some third trimester bumpdates are at the bottom!
prepping for baby

  • Owlet Baby Monitor: Okay I have to start with this one, because it is the item that has made me feel most calm about bringing a new baby home next month. I have no idea how to take care of a tiny human, and though I know instincts will kick in I LOVE knowing I’ll have this genius baby heart rate & oxygen monitor to have peace of mind…it’s a darling little sock with a sensor which tracks the baby’s heart rate and oxygen while they sleep, and alerts you in your own room if anything is wrong. AMAZING. I am already relieved that I have this ready to go so that we feel confident those first months having a baby sleeping in the next room!
  • Skip Hop Diaper Bag: Diaper bags are randomly one of the things I have been overwhelmed by choosing – so many options! My cute dad was even sending me some he saw online…haha! I know there are a lot of good ones, but I saw this one at Buy Buy Baby and instantly knew it had to be the one I try first. I hadn’t heard of Skip Hop before, but the pretty French Stripe bag caught my eye and then I went online and saw how much people love the build of these bags, stroller straps, etc. I love how it looks and can’t wait to pack it full!
  • Honest Co. Products: We all know that we secretly want to be friends with Jessica Alba, and this is the closest way ;) Haha but really, I have heard so many good things about this brand and our great friend gave us some credit here, so we stocked up on lots of items and I’m so excited to try these high quality, organic products. So far we got a wide assortment of diapers, creams, bath items, and more…and depending what we love we’ll re-order and I’ll share what we love most!
  • Bellifly pillow*: I have to share this one because it’s one of the few items I am already using so much being pregnant. I was sleeping so terribly our last few weeks of travel on the road in Europe, and it was mostly due to my growing belly and no way to get comfortable (plus different hotel beds every night :) I got this when we landed back in the states and it has been a game changer. I’m a little obsessed and I think Chase is jealous that I prefer to cuddle with my bellifly every night :) It can also be used postpartum and for nursing, so this one is a keeper. I love how it looks too, that’s partly why I chose it compared to some of the other odd looking body pillows.
  • Halo Sleepsack + Swivel Bassinet*: Another great item for peace of mind…these sleepsacks were created to prevent SIDS, and they help babies sleep comfortably and safely. We also decided on the swivel bassinet which we can put right next to our bed for the first weeks/months without having her in the bed with us…and maybe we’ll use it to travel with!
  • Burts Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter: My darling dad sent this to me, and I have loved it for my stretching belly! One of my best friends also recommended it. I actually have a few different stretch mark creams and haven’t been the best at applying them because I haven’t had stretch marks (yet!) but once I got this stuff I couldn’t stop putting it on. It seems to work and mostly makes my belly stop itching which is a lifesaver! It’s creamy and luxurious.
  • Promptly Journal: I’m seriously already overwhelmed by all the ways I want to document baby’s life … so I love the simplicity of this journal my friend introduced me to. It’s a childhood history journal where each phase and year of the baby’s life (from pregnancy through growing up) has custom prompts to ensure quick but meaningful journaling to give to her one day. They are darling and also a perfect gift that I’ll be stocking up on for other mamas!
  • Dockatot*: This Swedish product is so smart and I can’t wait to use it! It’s just a little lounging/ playing/resting and cuddling dock you can take anywhere and put baby in. It’s pretty and simple and babies love these, so I hope ours does and can find comfort in it when I need my hands free!
  • Pearhead Babyprints Keepsakes: I already ordered some ink pads and ornament molds for baby’s tiny feet & hands to be documented for keepsakes!
  • Milestone Baby Cards: Another darling gift given to us that will document major events of baby’s first milestones (things like crawling, sitting up, talking, sleeping through the night for the first time, etc.)
  • Solly Wrap: This is the darling brand you see everywhere and I had to get one to try out for myself! Can’t wait to put baby in one of these pretty wraps.
  • Stekki Bebe: I also got this genius wrap that can be used in the water!! I love this and will definitely use it all summer and fall here in sunny CA going to the beach, pools, etc. Such a smart idea and they are still so stylish too!
  • Ubbi Diaper Pail: I really hate bad smells, just ask Chase. I am insane about lighting candles, keeping windows open, and having our home smell good all the time … so I’ve been worried about when baby comes and we have endless diapers! These diaper pails are powder-coated steel cans and designed to discard diapers and elimante smells – my dream! I love how it looks and can’t wait to have a good way to throw diapers away.
  • Boppy nursing pillow + backrest: I’ve had a few friends tell me how surprisingly hard breastfeeding has been for them, and how nursing pillows help a lot. I went for the popular Boppy nursing pillow and am crossing my fingers it works and helps nursing be a success! It also came with a backrest to use right now during pregnancy (lifesaver) and after. It’s crazy how uncomfortable I can feel with my growing 8- month belly and how nice products like this are!
  • Hemmed In Cover*: This 3-in-one cover is a combined carseat canopy, nursing cover and playmat/blanket that goes right on your carseat…brilliant! I love that it will create one less thing to carry. The owner Wendy is the sweetest and all about making mom’s lives easier. You can feel her genuine love for motherhood and passion for her product in the cover itself! I’m excited to use this for all different purposes.
  • Lalabu Soothe Shirt: Another way to help with nursing…this is a cute nursing bra & shirt that also doubles as a baby pouch to carry baby in! I have a feeling I’ll be using this constantly.
  • Bamboobies Nursing Pads/ Balm/ Cover*: And another nursing prep product…I have heard from so many friends about the leaking/chafing/awkwardness of nursing early on. I love this company’s name and products and can’t wait to try out their resuable nursing pads, balm, and nursing cover. Between these 3 items, they have me all set for the crazy world of nursing!
  • Binxy Baby: A friend posted a photo of shopping at the grocery store with her baby in the cutest sling in the cart! I think it’s so important to have lots of pictures of your baby and I’ve even thought about contacting someone like to get some baby pictures. Anyway, I had to ask her about it and eventually ordered one, because how smart is this? I weirdly love grocery shopping and so I want to be able to easily take my baby and know she is comfortable after birth. These little hammocks fit across a shopping cart and keep baby happy while you stock up!
  • Pampered Mommy Box: This came in the mail and made me smile … I’m not even a mom yet but already understanding how important it is to feel pampered through this motherhood adventure! This cute company sends out monthly boxes with items to spoil you as a mom and I am ALL about that! The May box came with things like a cute mom mug, a room spray, bracelet, and dark chocolate PB cups…so you get the idea! :)

As for some other big items, I am still clueless and/or deciding! I walked into Buy Buy Baby alone last week and seriously got dizzy with the amount of strollers/cribs/product options. I love that there are so many but it’s also overwhelming to have all of the options and no idea! It feels so important thing to get every little thing perfect, but at the end of the day I know it only matters to get a healthy baby here and she will be fine no matter which shade and style of crib I choose :) These are a few other basics I am still debating on:

  • CRIB: I have been all over the place with this one, but have narrowed it down to 2 very similar & simple white ones. Once we move in I’ll order it and share nursery pictures with the one I choose!
  • High chair: My cousins got me the Ikea basic high chair at my family shower, which literally everyone has told me is the best. There are so many fancy options, but they say this one washes best and is all you need. Perfect!
  • Car seat: Another item with endless options! I really wanted the Maxi Cosi Mico after seeing it all through Europe (it’s a popular brand there) and so my mom, grandma and aunts ordered it for me for the family shower and I’m in love! I can’t wait to carry our little one around in there :)
  • Stroller: I can’t even talk about this one! SO overwhelming for some reason. I’m currently looking at the best stroller reviews to narrow down the selection I have but I never knew how many options/features/styles there were to choose from. At first I really wanted a Bugaboo since this brand is from Amsterdam where we were living and everyone had one, but I also wanted a BOB because I plan to be out walking and jogging a LOT this summer in CA with baby…so I couldn’t decide, and we probably don’t want 2 strollers right now in our little apartment. So, I am thinking of going with a good in-between that lots of my friends have: The City Select baby jogger which is cute, but also functional and can even be used for jogging on roads. I am also looking at a Britax B-Agile which one of my best friends has, because I was with her and saw her fold it up in a snap! It was amazing and could be great for travel …so, still deciding I guess :) When it comes to making the decision of buying a stroller, you can make the similar choices regardless of whether you are planning on buying a pricey baby stroller or even if you are thinking about looking at strollers for sale. It all depends on what you are looking for. But as long as you have one before your baby arrives, that’s all that matters.
  • Rocking Chair: After a week of debating 4 different styles, we splurged on a Pottery Barn white tufted rocker for the nursery. YES it may get extremely dirty, but it is so beautiful and I’ll try to keep it covered and it was just my treat to myself for the long nursing nights ahead!

Other recommended items we have yet to get, but are on the list before due date:

Okay ANYWAY! Thanks for putting up with my long list, just hoping it is helpful to someone else in the future going through this for the first time! My entire registry is here if it helps to see all the items visually too and make your own registry using some of them! :)


Other than collecting little items and getting prepared, the third trimester has been filled with:

  • Ending our time in Europe with an amazing babymoon through Greece and Italy
  • Stopping through Iceland
  • Visiting family & friends at home in Salt Lake City for a few weeks …(spoiled with my birthday and lots of baby showers thrown in there!)
  • Chase heading back to the Bay Area to start on his new team at Google which he’s loving
  • Buying a new car again after not having one the past few years living in big cities, and..
  • Driving that car solo from SLC back to California, reuniting with Chase
  • Signing our lease on our new place (!!!) but also finding out move-in is delayed due to some renovations we wanted to get
  • Needless to say the craziness hasn’t ended, but it does feel amazing to be back in the USA. Here are a few little snippets from the third trimester so far:

IMG_1472Baby has seen lots of fun sights during this third tri.
IMG_1885IMG_2061IMG_2456IMG_4147Processed with VSCO with f2 preset And, back home at Chase’s parents house in Salt Lake City!
The bump started to get a lot bigger the second we landed in the
USA and I was reunited with all of my favorite foods/restaurants :)
third trimester2Now that we aren’t traveling and living out of a suitcase, I’ve been able
to pick up a few darling little items that I’ve come across for baby girl.
third trimester3This quilt was not one of them, although I wanted it to be…but it was $400.
third trimesterI almost cried pulling out these baby pictures of Chase and I!

I’m on the left and he’s on the right… it made me SO excited to see ours!
third trimester1Chase seriously has the best taste and was sending me these kind of
photos from his business trips…couldn’t be a cuter dad already!
third trimester5I couldn’t resist this gold heart onesie + romper, and Kendall picked up this

darling flamingo suit from Target for baby…can’t wait to use it this summer! :)
thirdtrimesterAmazing baby showers = lots of thank you notes to favorite ladies…
I couldn’t be more grateful for all of the love surrounding us!
third trimester4I had 2 doctor’s appointments in Salt Lake before making it back to CA, and
the timing lined up to do my glucose tests here..which ended up being crazy!
It started off fine (I thought the drink was not even that bad)…so I drank it a
few hours after landing from Europe, and my body was just off. I felt so weird
after they drew the blood but was so glad that I had the blood drawing over with.
Well right before I left (and after getting some shots) they caught me and said
they had mixed up the tubes and I had to get it re-drawn! My heart SANK because
I was feeling so woozy already and did not want to get more blood drawn! But I did,
four more times, and then a few days later they called and said my results were all
off because of the jet lag, timing etc…so I had to go back and get it drawn AGAIN!
Ughhh anyway it could be worse and it’s all fine (no gestational diabetes for me)
but it was a stressful thing and I had lots of those pink bandages on my arms :)

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Just kept growing and growing in Utah.. ^^


I made it back to CA and was warmly welcomed with this parking sign at
Chase’s new Google office building for expectant mothers :) I’ll take it!

IMG_5661We are delivering at Stanford and I love pulling into the prettiest
Palm Drive on my way to appointments. It’s crazy to think we
will be speeding through here the day I’m in labor … ahhh!
third trimester7Baby books + baby bumps ^^
third trimester8Checking off this tee each week has been so fun — now we’re at 33!

IMG_5728 And, most recent update: I got all of my bloodwork re-done at Stanford
with my new doctor, and they found that I’m suddenly extremely anemic??
It is so weird to me because I swear I eat lots of meat and spinach etc. but
they said my iron levels were scarily low so I’ve started on these supplements
and I guess it’s steak for me every night now! :) Let’s hope it improves and baby can
can keep growing healthy and strong. Grateful for good health care and for this process.

Sorry for the long post! xo

*See all things pregnancy related here… It’s been a wild one!