european BUCKET LIST

european BUCKET LIST

If you remember our big BAY AREA Bucket List you know I am all about compiling big lists of places and things that I want to experience…and Europe is no exception! I’ve had this running list for years, but really started knocking things out when we lived in Europe over the past year. So, without further ado…here is our
My friend at Overseas Escape also recently posted one here which made me smile (great minds think alike ;),
so I’m sure between the two these are pretty complete! There will always be more, but here is our list of incredible things to do in Europe (some completed and some yet-to-be) ::


Take a pizza making class in Naples ✓

Go canyoning in the Swiss Alps ✓

Visit a sauna in Finland ✓

Eat at europe’s oldest restaurant ✓

Take a horseback ride up Mount Vesuvius ✓

Visit an olive oil farm in Tuscany ✓

Eat a margherita pizza at the original birthplace in Naples, Italy ✓

See the Eiffel Tower sparkle from the Seine ✓

Spend St. Patrick’s day in Ireland

Stay overnight in a castle

Ski the alps

Preikestolen hike, Norway ✓

See the Northern Lights

Tapas in madrid ✓

Sail the Croatian coast + island hop ✓

Bike in Amsterdam ✓

Attend the Grand Opera in Vienna

Celebrate Bastille Day in Paris ✓✓

Kiss the Blarney Stone

Ride the roller coaster at the world’s oldest amusement park: Tivoli in Copenhagen

Go searching for the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland ✓✓

See the surfers at Munich’s Englischer Bierarten ✓

Have your portrait painted at Montmartre in paris (just don’t get ripped off ;) ✓

Visit the Christmas Markets

Listen to the fiddlers at Temple Bar in Dublin ✓✓

Go to a Real Madrid soccer game … or at least tour the stadium ✓

Connect Scandinavia to the Baltics on a ship ✓

Drive a dog sled in Scandinavia

Visit Auschwitz in Poland ✓

Gondola ride in Venice ✓

Sit at a sidewalk café in Paris for an entire afternoon ✓

Cliffs of Mohor, Ireland ✓

Soak with locals in the thermal baths in Budapest ✓

Visit the Sintra Castle in Portugal

Ride the Flåm railway in Norway ✓

Hot air balloon in Lithuania ✓

River cruise on the Danube

Run the Paris Marathon

See Neuschwanstein castle ✓

Celebrate King’s Day in Amsterdam

Climb every tower of Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia ✓

Listen to a bagpiper in Edinburgh ✓

Rent a car in Ireland and drive stick shift on the right side of the car + left side of the road ;) ✓

Running of the bulls in Pampalona (one I’m not sure I’m quite brave enough for..!)

Churros con chocolate in Spain ✓

Wienerschnitzel in Austria ✓

Have a macaron taste test at Ladurée vs. Pierre Hermé ✓

Eat liège waffles in Belgium ✓

Experience the “Chunnel” connecting the UK and France ✓

See the Cliffs of Dover ✓

Try goulash in Hungary ✓

Oktoberfest in Bavaria

See Spain’s Guggenheim in Bilbao ✓

Stained glass at Saint Chappelle in Paris ✓

Stroll the Charles Bridge in Prague ✓

Visit Rome’s Colosseum (with Frigidarium gelato in hand) ✓

La Tomatina festival in Spain

Visit the childhood home of Hans Christian Andersen in fairytale town Odense, Denmark

Stay at an ice hotel in Sweden’s Jukkasjärvi village

Bike through the chateaus of the Loire Valley ✓

See Monet’s paintings in real life at his garden in Giverny ✓

Taste fondue + raclette + rosti in Switzerland ✓

Hike from refuge to refuge in the Dolomites ✓

Spectate the Tour de France ✓

Ring of Kerry, Ireland ✓

Stand in the inside of London’s Big Ben as it chimes 12’o clock ✓

See the Matterhorn in Zermatt on a clear day…bonus for hiking or skiing it! ✓

Lay out on the Paris “plages” beaches during the summer ✓

Have a beach day in San Sebastian, Spain ✓

Eat a huge bratwurst in Germany ✓

WWII memorial & beaches in Normandy ✓

Attend Wimbledon (Bonus for queuing and scoring Centre Court seats!) ✓✓

Go to the oldest drive-in movie theatre at Autokino Gravenbruch near Frankfurt

Picnic on a rowboat in Hallstatt ✓

Anne Frank House, Amsterdam ✓

See a play at Shakespeare’s Globe ✓

Hike the Cinque Terre ✓

Drive through the Scottish Highlands (and try haggis if you’re brave!) ✓

Attend mass at St. Peter’s Basilica ✓

Chocolate-making class at Lindt in Zurich ✓

Keukenhof tulip festival in Holland ✓

Visit Chamonix & Mont Blanc ✓

Ride the swings at the Tuileries Garden in Paris ✓

Paella in Barcelona ✓

Berlin Wall + Checkpoint Charlie ✓

Attend a show in London’s West End ✓

“Punt” on the River Cam in Cambridge ✓

Rent a vespa in Greece ✓

Lay out on the hot pebble beaches of Nice, France ✓

Stay on a houseboat in Amsterdam ✓

Picnic on the Champ des Mars ✓

Ride the London Eye at sunset ✓

See the ancient ruins of Greece ✓

Shop at Harrod’s and Fortnum & Mason ✓

Try real truffles in Umbria

Eat parmesan cheese in Parma

Taste Genovese pesto in Genoa

Sample mustard in Dijon ✓

Take a tram to a summit in the Alps ✓

Walk the planks at Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia ✓

Sing along to the Sound of Music at the sights in Salzburg ✓

Try frites + 10 kinds of sauces in Belgium ✓

Buy fresh flowers and bread at a European market ✓

Watch flamenco dancing in Spain ✓

Catch a scenic train through the countryside ✓

Ice skate on Lake Mälaren in Stockholm during the winter

Ride a yellow tram in Lisbon through the Alfama neighborhood ✓

Eat at a pancake house in Holland ✓

Get a creative photo at Stonehenge ✓

Stop & smell the tulips at Amsterdam’s floating flower market ✓

Take a carriage ride in Kraków’s old town

Stroll or jog through Luxembourg Gardens ✓

See a local dive off the beautiful Stari Most bridge in Mostar, Bosnia ✓

Eat a fresh, warm croissant for breakfast in Paris ✓

Eat seafood in Bergen, Norway ✓

Do the Swiss Chocolate Train ✓

Viking Museum in Norway ✓

Tea time at The Orangerie in London’s Kensington Gardens ✓

Bike the Swiss Alps ✓

Shop the Grand Bazaar + Spice Market in Istanbul ✓

Buy something leather in Florence

Visit the gruyère cheese factory in Gruyères, Switzerland..and have some fondue, of course ✓

Take a day trip to the Isle of Capri off the Amalfi coast

St. Moritz in the winter ✓

Cross the Strait of Gibraltar to see Morocco

Visit Dracula’s Castle in Romania ✓

Watch the famous sunset from a sailboat in Santorini ✓

Eat meat and cream dumplings in Russia ✓

Watch clay court tennis at the French Open “Roland Garros” ✓

Stratford-Upon-Avon: Shakespeare’s birthplace ✓

Take a tiny plane to the Faroe Islands ✓

Boat on Lake Bled in Slovenia ✓

Celebrate Midsummer Festival in Sweden

Visit the world’s oldest golf course: St. Andrews in Scotland ✓

HP fans: try your best to make it through the wall to platform 9 3/4 in London ✓

See the Eagle’s Nest

Watch the yachts come into harbor in Kotor, Montenegro ✓

See David in Florence ✓

Take a day tour of the Murano, Burano, and Torcello islands in the Venetian Lagoon ✓

Boat or kayak through Stockholm’s archipelago ✓

Fly a budget airline with a tiny backpack as luggage ✓

Take a stopover in Iceland to swim in the Blue Lagoon ✓

So many more to add through our lives, but those are some major fun ones we’ve done
and want to do…what is on YOUR Euro bucket list? Let’s get checking! Pin here:
European Bucket List