europe vs. USA

europe vs. USA

It’s quite the adjustment being back in the U.S. after living in Europe!
We miss a lot of things, but at the same time we’re pretty happy to be back among
the familiar…so here’s just a little list I made in my phone of some differences :)

Europe vs. USA

sparkling water vs. still water

no ice vs. plenty of ice :)

ground floor = 0 vs. ground floor = 1

heavenly, fresh butter vs. regular butter

simplicity vs. OPTIONS

normal portions vs. large portions

fabulous produce vs. sub-par produce :/

SMOKING vs. non-smoking

no drink refills vs. unlimited drink refills

small cars vs. big cars

tiny roads vs. open roads

manual vs. automatic

accents vs. no accents

gelato vs. ice cream

slower-paced vs. fast-paced

no customer service vs. best customer service ;)

public transport vs. cars

pastries vs. doughnuts

farmers markets vs. costco

multilingual vs. unilingual

breakfast always included vs. breakfast rarely included

cheap flights vs. expensive flights

train tracks vs. freeways

roundabouts vs. four-way stops

football (soccer) vs. american football

work/life balance vs. no work life/balance

socialism vs. capitalism

liters vs. gallons

miles vs. kilometres

no tipping vs. mandatory tipping

more vacation time vs. less vacation time

euro vs. dollar 

AM / PM vs. 24 hour time

royalty vs. celebrities

minimalism vs. maximalism :)

history vs. modernity

Europe vs. USA
…so much to love in both places, and we’re lucky we know and love each of them!

what are some that you’d add? i’d love to add to the list!