Sunset Sailing in Santorini

Sunset Sailing in Santorini

While in Santorini, you have to get out on the water!
IMG_2132 We spent our final full day sailing around the coast and islands
for the afternoon before having a barbecue on the boat and taking
in one last famous Santorini sunset. It was so relaxing and felt amazing
to be out on the water, one of our favorite things from our whole life. I had such a good time on that boat trip that I spent the next day looking at boats for sale on places like GraysOnline. I don’t think I would ever be able to buy my own boat but a girl can dream!! I guess I’ll have to stick to going on boat trips whilst I’m on holiday!

IMG_2133 There are lots of options for sailing here, but we did this sunset tour around
the coast and it was perfect for what we were wanting. It was a small group
of about 20 people on board the nicest catamaran, and it just felt relaxing and the
perfect pace. The afternoon sun was so nice and a great way to spend our final day.
IMG_2139Our route began from Ammoudi Bay and went to the volcano hot springs first.
They are better known as “warm springs” since it’s still a little chilly at first, but
it’s a fun stop! I was all ready to jump in until our Greek captain told me pregnant
women shouldn’t swim here due to the sulfur… so Chase had to give me a report.
IMG_2146IMG_2151Sailing SantoriniIMG_2145Sailing Santorini1From there we sailed by Indian rock, Akrotiri and the ancient lighthouse….
Then we went by Red Beach which is aptly named with unique dark red cliff, and
on to White Beach where we snorkeled (I could get in here! :) and had dinner
served on board the boat. We were ready for some food after jumping in that
chilly Aegean Sea, so this was the best part and the food tasted so good.
Sailing Santorini2The crew made souvlaki, roasted vegetables, greek salad, bread, sausages,
shrimp, pasta, ntolmadakia (stuffed wine leaves), traditional mpriam, and
plenty of tzatziki yogurt sauce for dipping. For dessert they drizzled some
green apples with honey + cinnamon which was so simple but delicious!
IMG_2193We got out of our wet swimsuits and cozied up in jackets as the
sun began to make its way down, and we cuddled up on the bow
of the boat with a blanket to get ready for the sunset from the water.

IMG_2190We stopped right back in front of the village of Oia for an ideal place to take it in.
It ended up getting a little cloudy so it wasn’t the best sunset we saw in our time there, but
we had already seen some great ones that week and it was mostly fun to be out on the water.

IMG_2194Cuddling up with my favorite guy on a sailboat in Greece ^^
I’m bottling up this memory forever!
Sailing Santorini5IMG_2197Back to Ammoudi Bay after in the post-sunset dusk ^^

And that is a wrap on Santorini! What a dream it was.
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