Rocabella Boutique Hotel, Mykonos

Rocabella Boutique Hotel, Mykonos

Talk about a good find – Rocabella Hotel on Mykonos Island is one of our favorite
places we’ve stayed. 
We didn’t know much about this island, but I wanted to stay
somewhere a little outside of town by a beach since
I knew the town itself can
get crowded/rowdy :) We arrived by ferry from Athens on SeaJets (where I may

have gotten a little bit sea-sick thanks to pregnancy weakening my stomach, ahh!)
and took a quick ‎
€10 cab up the hill to Rocabella. It is located above the gorgeous
Agios Stefanos beach, making it just secluded
enough while being right nearby town.
IMG_1566We were tired and a little bit thrown from the bumpy ride
on the sea, so it was
a perfect welcome to arrive somewhere like this. We were greeted with smiles, fresh
lemonade, and a tour of the cutest hotel ever. It’s the definition of a
boutique hotel,
and feels personal and charming…and Greek! This was our first island stop in Greece

and it was exactly like you’d picture –white washed buildings on the hill overlooking
the sea, with
each room having a private plunge pool and everything being pristine.
It was love at first sight! The Cycladic style and architecture is pretty hard to beat.
Rocabella Hotel, MykonosIMG_1544IMG_1572From the pretty pool you can take in views of other islands: Delos & Rineia.
This is such a nice spot to relax, and the food and drinks are right nearby.
The seasonal restaurant wasn’t fully open yet during our stay, but we got
a feel for the incredible cuisine through the Greek breakfast offered each
morning! It was so delicious and had us jumping out of bed every day.

IMG_1559Our private hot tub that was just the right temp, not too hot! ^^
IMG_1560And private balcony overlooking the ocean on the comfiest loungers ^^
IMG_1562 What kind of hotel has a PILLOW MENU? This one!!
IMG_3743…And who enjoyed those luxurious pillows? This guy! ^^
Our babymoon has included its fair share of napping :)
IMG_1773Another amazing touch ^^ free bicycles to rent and take around!

This is right up my alley and made me so happy :) You can reserve them
to ride around the hills, or into town. There is also an hourly shuttle
into town which was so nice. We loved exploring it one of the days,
and the front desk girls gave us all the best tips for our day in town.

Rocabella Hotel, Mykonos1There’s that beautiful breakfast, + some cute hammocks to relax in with a full belly ^^
Rocabella Hotel, Mykonos3 We were lazy one day and only stayed at the hotel…a new kind of vacation for us!
We ate down by the pool bar that night and had some really great food.

Rocabella Hotel, Mykonos2IMG_1570I know I’ll be dreaming of this place for a long time to come.
Thank you for kicking off our babymoon, Rocabella! 

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