Pizza in Pisa!

Pizza in Pisa!

After our time in Tuscany, Pisa was our base city since we were also heading
north to Cinque Terre! Pisa is cheaper and easier to stay in than the coastal
towns, especially now that Cinque Terre will be limiting tourists and requiring
tickets for entry. Pisa made it easy and fun to explore the surrounding region,
and we had fun in the town itself – seeing the leaning tower, strolling the river,
shopping on the streets, and of course eating lots of amazing pizza & gelato!
IMG_2880^^ The cutest little balcony of Hotel Bologna where we stayed.
We rented a quadruple room with two beds so we could all have a
slumber party! We loved this charming little spot and recommend it!
Tuscany Road Trip Itinerary!4IMG_2861PisaIMG_2875IMG_2796IMG_2850IMG_2807Pisa (and all of Italy) had such perfect weather. I will always go back in the spring
or fall now, because it was so much better with less crowds + great weather!
IMG_2806IMG_2881IMG_2866IMG_2801Pisa can seem a bit rough around the edges compared to other elegant
Italian towns nearby, but I think it has character and so much to offer.
It’s not a huge sightseeing destination outside of the tower, but again –
it offers a great location for Tuscany + the coast, with cheaper places to stay.
IMG_3973One other perk of this hotel: it was so central, WITH free included parking! Bonus!
Tuscany Road Trip Itinerary!1The first item of business in any Italian city should always be gelato!
ead to De Coltelli right on the river. We happened upon it late at
night not knowing it was super popular here, and just about died over the
flavors! Get the almond/ fresh strawberry/ macadamia nut/ANYTHING here.
We did the leaning tower at dusk which was fun + had such pretty lighting.
IMG_2840IMG_4013Haha ^^ we saw another group doing this and just couldn’t resist.
Tuscany Road Trip Itinerary!6
IMG_2790IMG_2838All of those photo opps made us HUNGRY! We walked the street in search of pizza…
IMG_2851IMG_2852We wandered into a little place called Pizzeria la Tana and completely loved it.
I’m sure there are more famous spots, but this one worked for us! Delicious and cheap.

IMG_2857The lit-up river on the way home was a perfect view to pair with some gelato ^^
IMG_2790Our cute cozy room was calling our name after a fun day in Pisa.
The only thing was, we barely slept because we just wanted to stay
up talking all night with our beds facing each other! It was a true
sleepover and the best memory with friends we have missed seeing :)
IMG_4025After all of our fun adventures, we had to say goodbye at the Pisa airport
as our friends were catching a train to Germany & Austria, and we were heading
back to Amsterdam. Good thing we’ll see them again soon back in the USA,
but ^^ here is how Chase and Tay said goodbye :) Haha funniest friends!
IMG_4017Chase and I boarded one of our last European flights (only about 3 more until we move home!)

IMG_4023And we casually flew over the Swiss Alps on the way home ^^
When the pilot pointed out the Matterhorn from above I
realized just how much I am going to miss living over here.

Ciao, Pisa!