Naxos Island, Greece

Naxos Island, Greece

We have loved traveling through Greece the past 12 days…
We’ve found that each island has its own feel, culture, and even food.
People are proud of the islands where they are from, and we loved
getting a taste of 3 of the islands. It has left us wanting to explore more!

Some of our best friends honeymooned in Greece this time last year
and suggested Naxos to us as a smaller, quieter, and more romantic
island off the beaten path. They were so right, and we would have never
gone here without their suggestion! It was a perfect stop between Mykonos
and Santorini, both in location and in the calm and relaxed feel of the place.
IMG_3783IMG_1783We arrived on the ferry from Mykonos on the most gorgeous morning ^^
IMG_1780IMG_1822We grabbed breakfast at Nostimon Hellas, yum. Best Greek omelette we had
by far, and of course that amazing Greek yogurt is so much better in Greece :)
NAXOS Island5They do their smoothies a little different here, more like shakes
made with milk… But I’m not complaining! We got unique
walnut + banana and pistachio + pear smoothies to start the day off.
NAXOS Island7Cutest place with all things mint colored! ^^
IMG_1784The sun was shining making the sea sparkle before rain clouds arrived later.
We were happy to cozy up in this already-cozy town and enjoy it!

IMG_1788We checked into a tiny little apartment- hotel called Korali Boutique Hotel.
This island is so cheap, especially right now before summer! It was the cutest
place with simple, stylish rooms and we felt like we were locals living there!

IMG_1789 IMG_3775The clouds came in suddenly, so we were ready for a jog in the cool weather!
IMG_3753We ran out to the Portara monument, which is believed to be
the gate of an ancient temple dedicated to the God Apollo. It
is the first thing you can see when arriving to this island.
IMG_3755 The view looking back from it to town is the best part!
IMG_3764 IMG_3768We continued our run through the winding old town Hora,
which is a labyrinth of steep cobbled tiny streets. Each turn is a wonder
within these walls and we were the only people wandering through!
IMG_3778IMG_3787NAXOS Island10IMG_3781NAXOS Island2IMG_3784 IMG_3780 IMG_3793Straight from our run we opted for a late lunch at Antamoma
which was a favorite meal in Greece for both of us – wow!

IMG_3795The salads, the fava, every single detail was amazing and fresh.
After a few days of classic Greek food, this more modern take
hit the spot and was a favorite! It’s family owned and closed for
a decade before the son reopened it after attending culinary school
in Athens! Now he cooks with his mom and gives a more modern spin.
NAXOS Island11
NAXOS Island1^^ Chase matching George in town :)
IMG_1793We caught the spectacular Naxos sunset which ended up being our
favorite in all of Greece! (It even beat the famed one in Santorini!)
IMG_1794 It was just so unexpected after a cloudy day and we were the only
people on this entire beach watching it. Memorable and so beautiful.
IMG_1798IMG_1796IMG_1800We strolled a few minutes back along to town afterwards ^^
IMG_1801IMG_1804Confession – we loved Antamoma so much we went BACK for
the dinner menu!
That is when you know a place is good :)
NAXOS Island3We loved their Greek spring rolls, stuffed chicken, and
the traditional ORANGE CAKE. Oh. My. Goodness.
IMG_1812Still dreaming about this beauty ^^
I don’t like fruity desserts but you don’t understand how special this is!
I have to try to re-create it when we are back in the states somehow.

Naxos, you were a delight! We had no expectations so you exceeded them all. 

The funny part is that this island itself is actually one of the bigger ones when it comes 
to size, but it feels like one of the smallest. It’s local & outdoorsy and we loved it!