The first Greek island we visited was Mykonos!
We were so pleasantly surprised by it. We had heard it was the
glamorous “party island,” but since we were there just before high
season I feel like we got our own little personal taste of it. We expected
packed streets and tourists galore, but instead we had the town practically to
ourselves and ended up loving it so much! In the high season the cruise day-
trippers can make the island reach 15,000 visitors per day (!!!) but we pretty
much just saw a handful of other people in Mykonos town (also known as Hora).

We stayed just a short ten minute drive away right by Agios Stefanos Beach at
the prettiest Rocabella Hotel which I’ll share more of soon, but here is our day
exploring the whitewashed maze of the darling, quiet version of Mykonos town!
IMG_1740First off, I think I found my favorite little street
in the world. ^^ It’s right up there with this one.
IMG_1692Mykonos!8IMG_1710IMG_1762IMG_1714Mykonos!11We had heard about Petros, the pink pelican of Mykonos. He is the
“town mascot” and we were told by a local to find him! We walked around
the beaches searching to no avail, then later stumbled upon him with his
head poked into a kitchen café waiting for some scraps :) Too funny! ^^

IMG_1610 IMG_1677 IMG_1706Mykonos!IMG_1759The color of that water! ^^
IMG_1741 Okay just one more on this street ^^
IMG_1766We had the BEST best lunch of chicken gyros for 2€ each, with a
Greek salad on the side (I just didn’t eat the feta due to baby :)
Mykonos!3PS Chase was sitting in the sun and borrowed my hat for his second gyro ^^
Haha I could not take him seriously in this!

IMG_1768Of all the amazing and fancy meals we’ve had in Greece,
the ones like this have seriously been our favorites. 

IMG_1772Don’t forget about gelato to finish off a good meal. ^^
We ordered the Kinder Bueno flavor- yum!!
Mykonos!2Charm galore on those empty streets ^^
Mykonos!9IMG_1608 I was sooo tempted to get this little Greek goddess dress for our baby girl,
haha! But it might be a bit strange to dress her in back in California :)

Mykonos!4IMG_1630Mykonos!7^^ Also got tempted by this one, hehe!
Mykonos!6 IMG_1628 Mykonos!5IMG_1604 Mykonos!10IMG_1629IMG_1599IMG_1649IMG_1642We stopped at the classic Mykonos windmills overlooking the beach ^^
Mykonos!1IMG_1654IMG_1637IMG_1707IMG_1763IMG_1596 IMG_1570 IMG_1539IMG_1632IMG_1596Before the sunset we headed back to our hotel to have a light
dinner and enjoy the views. We loved our time in town!

IMG_1570Hotel pool view ^^
IMG_1642 IMG_1640IMG_1539There were some clouds the morning that we left, making it
a little bit easier to say goodbye to this gorgeous island.

Onto Naxos!