Hello Santorini!

Hello Santorini!

Isn’t Santorini on just about everyone’s bucket list?
It should be, and we were happy to be crossing it off ours …
especially on a little babymoon trip! I can’t think of a better
place to celebrate a special occasion then the Greek islands.
IMG_3847 After Mykonos and Naxos islands, Santorini was the third and final
stop that we had planned. We were so happy to be here in April, because
the weather was perfect – 75 degrees, not too hot – and crowds were scarce.
It was a little slice of heaven as we checked in and took in the view above ^^
IMG_1849We opted to stay in Imerovigli, a tiny town on the cliff nicknamed
“Santorini’s Balcony.” This is for good reason, because after exploring all over
we thought this little spot had the best views & vibe. We were close to the famous
Oia town but had our own little slice of heaven overlooking it all. I wouldn’t tell
anyone to stay anywhere but here when in Santorini – and especially at our hotel!
IMG_1888I found the charming Sophia Suites and booked it thinking that it looked way
too lovely to be real. We arrived to find an even more incredible place than
we had imagined, and both said we’ve never stayed somewhere quite so
unique, beautiful, or luxurious. It felt like we were living in a dreamy cliffside
dwelling of our own, but with the most amazing service to go along with it
which made us feel like royalty. I told Chase we better soak this place up,
because we’ll be dreaming of it on many sleepless nights when baby comes :)
Hello Santorini!1^^ The most gorgeous rooms + my exact kind of welcome platter ^^
IMG_1844Literally within minutes I peeked out the window to see a familiar
pair of legs already soaking in the spring sunshine. Can you blame him? :)

Hello Santorini!4Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

We lounged here all day and I don’t think I ever looked away from
the beautiful view below. It was everything I had pictured Greece
(and Santorini) to be, and one of those moments where you just can’t
quite get over where you are. This is a place I will remember forever,
and I loved having baby girl along with us…we just have to bring her
back one day so she can fully enjoy it! :) PS swimsuit is from here!

Hello Santorini!11 IMG_1847^^ Chase matching the hot tub water + pillows :)
IMG_1850IMG_2120The breakfast each day here was something straight from my personal heaven –
fresh amazing food, ordered the night before and delivered to each room. We had
it set up outside each day so we could sit outside in the morning breeze and eat
our amazing Greek breakfast. I told Chase we had peaked in life at this moment,
ha because how does it get any better? (maybe with a little baby girl added in :)
IMG_2122IMG_20160412_175216 (1)IMG_1868IMG_2118The last night we got upgraded to the honeymoon suite since the
hotel wasn’t quite full yet, and this is when we truly peaked in life.
I don’t think we will ever stay in a place like this again in our life.
It was something out of a movie, back in a little cave with a swing
chair, comfiest bed, and a casual FULL-on pool INSIDE the room::

IMG_2125 This went back and back and back ^^ It was the craziest thing I’ve ever
seen in a hotel room. We lucked out with this upgrade we wouldn’t have
otherwise booked, but for an actual honeymoon this would be IDEAL.
IMG_1928The evenings definitely steal the show in Santorini when that famous sunset begins.
IMG_1905We sat down to dinner (once again, on our balcony) in perfect time to
line up our meal with the sunset. It was one of the best memories of my life!
^^ It also didn’t hurt that this fresh bouquet was delivered with dinner.
IMG_1923Pretty nice when you can eat a fancy meal in your robe ;)

Chase loved the hot tub too much so he had a dip right before dinner! I’m fairly certain that if he could he would have taken the hot tub home with him! I even caught him the other day on a website called milehighhottub.com I think – I wouldn’t be surprised if we had one delivered the moment we get home!
IMG_1916When in Santorini … you must have seafood ^^
IMG_1919I had simple sea bass with lemon & a side of the sunset :)
Hello Santorini!10Greek salads and ginger mint limeades ^^
IMG_1929Things got serious with that sunset ^^ My eyes couldn’t believe the beauty.
IMG_1934The dusk light after the sunset was my favorite part.
Heaven must glow like this too.

IMG_1935IMG_1936The breeze picked up and it got chilly once the sun went down,
so we took our chocolate soufflé inside. Again, life at its best ^^

Goodnight, Imerovigli! We are just a little bit in love with you.