back to the golden state we go!

back to the golden state we go!

after a lot of thought, prayer, pro and con lists, and discussion,
we’ve decided it’s back to california for us!! now that it’s decided i
couldn’t feel better about it. we have loved this year abroad in europe
and we’ve milked it for all it’s worth. we are so happy we did this and
while we will always keep adventuring (and maybe live abroad again
someday!) but we felt so strongly that the best thing was to come back to
the states – and that california weather ;) – at this time. i was more than
willing to have our baby over here in europe, and chase was considering
jobs with google in paris, london, and amsterdam since his short-term
project here was ending. we weighed europe cities, considered our finances, and even had talks with a friend who had used MCA Assessors to relocate themselves when in a similar situation. he also had an option

to join a team in new york city. we really considered everything, but we were
pleasantly surprised to find ourselves craving what we know. we’ve filled
our lives with plenty of adventure and out-of-the-comfort-zone experiences,
and with the many unknowns of having a baby coming it sounded so nice to
be somewhere we love. we’ll be back with friends in CA, and a lot closer to loved
ones and family from home in utah. it also is by far the best career move for chase,
which is
the thing that pushed us over the edge. he had a few options and was
interviewing for his “dream job” within google to join the knowledge team. when
that longshot came through, we knew that there were too many pros calling us back
to california. once we went through the process and it came together, i could not
feel better about it. i can’t believe how ready i feel to be back!! of course we will be
sad to leave, but we’re leaving while we’re ahead and still loving it here. i feel like living
abroad gets a little bit less magical the longer you stay and especially with something
like having a baby, moving everything over here, finding good doctors, etc. we have had
the best experience and it feels comforting to know we’ll be back in the U.S. for our first
baby. just the other day i had a doctor’s appointment for the pregnancy and it was a new
doctor who spoke mostly dutch and a little english, and the whole thing was just confusing
and unsettling. it’s been a cool experience to have appointments all over and see the
different ways countries do pre-natal care, but it made me so happy i’ll actually be
having the baby in the states. we’ll still be away from family – and FAR away from
my parents :( but in a lot more familiar place with loved ones nearby so that’s good.
also, my mom is able to come for a few weeks from their mission so PHEW!

chase will start on his new team in may (working on awesome things like THIS!) and
in between then we are headed out on a babymoon to see some last places in europe
that we haven’t been to yet, relax in greece, and finish out our time in iceland on the
way home. definitely going out with a bang! we are stopping through salt lake city to
be with family before going back to california, and i get to stay there a little bit longer
while chase heads to CA to start his job and find our housing. he’ll stay with friends
and i’ll come out with the best out of state movers once our new place is ready to move into!

so we have quite the transitions coming up, but we can’t wait!
thanks for following along on our ride!
37aa8f1b-bd26-44d0-8ddc-28526613a635*this darling print is from HERE. i can’t wait to hang it in our new place :)