Dutch dinner at Moeders

Dutch dinner at Moeders

The ultimate Dutch dining experience is at Moeders in Amsterdam.
If you’re visiting, you have to experience this place to get a true taste
of the culture and memorable meal while in Holland. Trust me on this!

IMG_0073I’ve mentioned before that Dutch food gets a negative reputation.
It’s true that a lot we’ve tried has not been our favorite, but this place
does it so right. “Moeders” translates to “Mothers” in Dutch, and it’s the
theme of the entire place – not only that it feels like eating a home-cooked
meal made by a mom, but also because the entire place is decked out with…
IMG_0067…Photos of mothers!! It is just about the sweetest thing.  ^^^
Guests have brought in framed pictures of their moms which are hung.
Another special homey touch are the mismatched dishes.
When the restaurant had its grand opening, family & friends brought
their own dishes … and they were kept through today! Such a fun idea.
IMG_0068If you’ve never tried Dutch food the menu could seem a bit confusing, but

I’m here to help: go for the green pea soup to begin (TRUST ME- it is not your
normal pea soup, but a thick & creamy Dutch version with sausage. It’s delicious).
Dutch dinner at MoedersAdd in a “small egg in the meadow” salad to get your appetite worked up further.
It’s a tart of sweet potato, spinach, mozzarella, caramelized onions & an egg.
For the main course, get the “Dutch rice dish” which is a sampling of all of the
classics to share among 2-4 people. We loved trying everything included here!
IMG_0085Highlights in this typical Dutch meal include a basket of Dutch bread with home-made hummus,
the BEST homemade
apple sauce you’ll ever have, stewed pears with rhubarb (my fave),
hachée with boiled potatoes and red cabbage, and hotchpotch – the classic Dutch
“stamppot ” of mashed potatoes with vegetables served with local sausage & bacon.

IMG_0074 It’s all hearty and very filling, but you won’t be able to stop!
(Just like I can’t at my mom’s Sunday dinners at home :) 
IMG_0078 IMG_0082 IMG_0088 We were all complaining of how full we were until we heard that
homemade Dutch apple pie was on the dessert menu that night…
it is the owner’s wife’s recipe, and somehow we made room :)

IMG_0093 Fun to take Chase’s family to a place like this during their visit! ^^
IMG_0097 IMG_0099We left feeling like we’d had a home-cooked meal from mom :)
Thanks for filling our belly (and hearts), Moeders!