Dusty & Kendall in Amsterdam!

Dusty & Kendall in Amsterdam!

Our besties made it to Amsterdam for a visit while we are still living here!
If you’ve ever read this blog before you know they are the best. We’ve loved
them from the second we met them on our first day moving to California,
and life has never been the same since :) Really though, the best memories
are with these two and it had been FAR too long since we’d seen them.
Dusty had business over here in Europe and they flew up from Spain to
stay with us for a few nights! We are SO happy they made it here, and the
goodbye wasn’t too painful since we are moving right back by them soon!
We didn’t take too many pictures because we were busy catching up and
also because we were just enjoying the time and relaxing! It was the best.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset ^^ The first night reunited! Love this crew.
IMG_0522 Strolling the canals. ^^ They brought the sunshine finally!
IMG_5098IMG_5096They got their Dutch pancake fix…and even found a new place we didn’t know of!
IMG_0527 These two being reunited was the best. They are hilarious together ^^
IMG_0531 More strolling and window shopping…
IMG_0535yoders in amsterdam!We went with them to a sight we hadn’t yet seen –– the Heineken Brewery tour!
Even though we don’t drink, it is something we wanted to see the history + making
of … and we told Dusty & Kendall they could have our free samples along the tour ;)
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetIt really was so well-done, going through the history of the family, the brew,
and showing how it’s made! I knew nothing about it before so it was interesting.

IMG_5107 We made sure to get Kendall her cheese fix (because she
made us go in each cheese shop for samples, hehe)
yoders in amsterdam!2
IMG_5196 yoders in amsterdam!3We had some good meals (not including street hot dogs)..but we
DID love introducing them to our favorite Euro chain- Vapiano. 
IMG_5186 We got to do the Keukenhof Tulip Festival together on Easter
which was so fun. I was glad the timing lined up for this!

IMG_5179 IMG_0610IMG_0524We adore these friends (might be a little obsessed with them :)
and now we have Amsterdam as yet another memory together.

IMG_5198*I just made a category for our adventures with
them on the blog, so see the pages & pages here ;)