Amsterdam Restaurant Guide

Amsterdam Restaurant Guide
Before we get into the best restaurants of Amsterdam, let’s talk Dutch food!
One thing you might hear from people before you visit Amsterdam is that “the food is terrible.”
I don’t understand this! Sure, classic Dutch cuisine may not be the most exciting, but that
doesn’t mean you can’t find great food (Dutch and otherwise) in this city. I’ll admit that our
very favorite restaurants here in Amsterdam have mostly been other types of cuisine, but you
definitely want to get a taste of the local flavors. Click here for Dutch foods to try in Amsterdam!

I’m sure a lot of them have fantastic Restaurant accounting as well to ensure the smooth operation of the their businesses but it never hurts to outsource elements of the bookkeeping. My friend who has a restaurant in Amsterdam has done just that told me that she see increased accounting effciency from doing some outsourcing.

Secondly, most Amsterdam restaurants are small so I recommend either going early, or making a
reservation for meals during your visit to avoid disappointment! Some favorite eats:

Bakers & Roasters: One word: BRUNCH. The brunch trend is just catching on over here, but Bakers & Roasters is way ahead of the curve. It is one of the best spots we’ve ever been to, and we’ve lived in San Francisco (the capital of brunch ;) There are 2 locations, the original one near the museum district is probably more convenient. Expect a little wait, and the earlier the better since the Dutch brunch later in the day! We recommend Navajo Eggs breakfast, Roasters Sweet Potato Chorizo Hash, Banana Bread French Toast, Blueberry Pancakes, fresh juices, any lunch salads, desserts…truly everything and anything! We’ve never been disappointed here.
Pancakes! Amsterdam: For traditional Dutch pancakes, this is the place. It is tiny, so go early or be prepped to wait a bit…it’s worth it! Try a simple classic Dutch pancake like cheese + spinach or cheese + ham, and a sweet one like banana & chocolate sauce. You can try poffertjes here too!
Lavinia Good Food: This is just fresh, healthy, and delicious. I LOVE the sandwiches + juices and if you’ve had one too many pastries on your European trip, this is a good break from the carb fest :) Pluk is another great healthy spot right within the darling 9 straatjes area. SLA and Salad and the City are two other good healthy options.
Blaauw Indonesian: This city is famous for great Indonesian food due to the trade relationship between the two countries. Blauuw is definitely the most popular. Go here for the famous rice table!
Burgerlijk & The Butcher are the best burgers we’ve had here. (Lots of good burgers in this city though!)
The Lobby– Go for the eggs benedict…it’s special!
De Kaaskamer is a cheese shop and deli for a quick simple Dutch sandwich lunch!
Moeders for true typical Dutch in the cutest setting ever! If you want to try some Dutch food, this is your place. I highly highly recommend eating here (and making a reservation). The name literally translates to “Mother’s” in Dutch and feels like you’re sitting at someone’s kitchen getting a home-cooked Dutch meal. Order one of their homemade soups, the bread, and the sampling platter to share. If they have apple pie GET IT! Best ever!!
Wilde Zwijnen – more modern Dutch dining in a cute, rustic setting.
Staets Restaurant: For fancier, unique, instagrammable farm-table fare.
Winkel 43: Famous for the DUTCH APPLE PIE, which you must try. The other great option is just down the street: Café Papeneiland.
The French Connection: Yummy French bistro with unique “French tapas” in the prettiest restaurant settings.
Dr. Blend for {overpriced but delicious} smoothies and juices.
Lanksroon Patisserie is a fun tearoom for a quick hot chocolate, stroopwafel, and sausage roll.
Nooch is great Asian for lunch if you’re in the mood!
Cafe de Prins has delicious poffertjes that aren’t as greasy as some of the other popular pancake spots! It’s right across from the Anne Frank House, so great to pop in after your visit.
Ellis Gourmet Burger: Great burgers, but the winner for me here was the salmon salad.
De Drie Graefjes: The place to get cakes (especially their Red Velvet)
5&33: Chic restaurant inside of Artotel right by Central Station. It was our first meal out the night we moved to Amsterdam…we got the Meat & cheese plate to share and recommend you do the same.
Herengracht is the best for a meal on the canal, especially on a nice day! Order mini cheese fondue for lunch. (Good fondue at Bar Huf too)
Rose’s Cantina for the most decadent enchiladas. Fancier sit-down Mexican food that left us wanting more.
Salsa Shop: FRESH quick Mexican food, like a Dutch version of Chipotle with their own twist. Ate here weekly!
Tomo Sushi: is some of the best you can find in the city.
Ko Chang: Yummy Thai right in the Jordaan. Na Siam is also good.
De Bakkerswinkel: lovely for brunch or afternoon tea. They also now serve a cozy dinner a few nights a week!
Bagels and beans is a chain in the city for fun “bagel tapas.”
G’s Really Nice Place for brunch (make a booking!) You can book for the boat cruise brunch or café location.
Haesje Claes: a classic Dutch place to try stamppot. We never tried this place but heard lots about it. We loved Moeders too much!
Cafe Americain has a really nice jazz brunch on Sundays. It is right near Leidseplein, and you’ll want to make a reservation!
Betty Blue: yummiest cakes, balanced with a good salad bar. We still want to try their breakfast!
The Breakfast Club for pancakes! Breakfast is served all day here!
Beyrouth is on the west side of the city, but it’s worth trekking to for some traditional Lebanese food. We had never had Lebanese before but a friend recommended it and we were blown away. One word, HUMMUS!
Casa di David has been our favorite for Italian. Sit upstairs so you can overlook the canal and be sure to order the Mozzerella di Bufala appetizer.
Cafe de Bieb is a fun coffee shop environment to bring your laptop or read in. Order fresh juices, pancakes on Sunday, and the best pumpkin soup + salads.
Da Portaria Via for pizza. A bit further in De Pijp is Mastino Pizza: order the Parma and thank me later!
Spaghetteria Pastabar: A bit more local and outside of center, but such a fun place with huge communal dining tables and a pasta menu that changes daily.
Meat West is inside of Foodhallen as its own restaurant. It is higher end and has delicious flank steak (which is rare in Europe!!)
FOODHALLEN (mentioned above), is the huge food hall with all different vendors from the city. This is great for groups since there is something for everyone, and we’ve never been disappointed here. It’s like the Ferry Building/Chelsea Market of Amsterdam.

Also good to know: is the Yelp of Netherlands. The locals don’t use Yelp, so pull this up if you want to see reviews of places nearby.

You can’t leave Holland without burning your mouth on bitterballen, sipping a fresh mint tea, and (most importantly) eating a warm & gooey stroopwaffel from a street vendor.

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