the quad copter

the quad copter
Just a little collection of photos showing Chase
doing what he does best…flying that drone! :)
This hobby of his has majorly stressed me out while he has flown
it in crowds and at major sights all over the world …
but it has
also captured some of the best memories and coolest shots like

you can see in videos here, here, here, and here just to name a few!
He’s actually really good at flying it and loves it. Now he’ll probably fly it
less with stricter laws and less time, but I love this collection of photos I
snuck of him behind the controls :) Happy he has captured so much for us!
haha, a fan! ^^ people love when he flies the drone, and this
lady at niagara falls wanted to get a picture of him with it! :)

more fans ^^
and in india, the MOST fans ^^

droneflying it alongside the boat over the water was one of the bravest ^^
i was in a shop in norway and spied him through the window
with a group of people flying it around again! haha classic.
IMG_2930 ^^ he loves to fly it off balconies :)
IMG_4455^^ and, even in a robe first thing in the
morning to catch a lake sunrise. hahah!
i love you my little drone pilot!