amsterdam apartment!

amsterdam apartment!

here we are, in yet another new apartment…but
i daresay our favorite yet. since july 1st we lived
in hotels backpacking europe for 3 months, then
lived in london for 1 month, headed to stay with
my parents in south africa and travel around during
the holidays, and now – FINALLY – we are in our own
cozy little place in amsterdam. as of now we are here for
6 months and we have different options for where to go next
(or stay here), so for the moment we are soaking it up and settling in.
here’s a little tour of our new place. it is very dutch & euro!
amsterdam life lately5 arriving to central station our first day back! ^^

IMG_3639we flew in, hopped out of the cab and onto our little street!
i am so grateful that chase found this place for us and got it
all set so we could arrive and move right in. since we’ve been
married we’ve literally always found a way to save on rent.
we had housing provided in los angeles by TFA, then rented
a cute place in the bay area before moving out to manage an
apartment complex for a year (making it so we didn’t need to
pay rent…) then we moved to a tiny basement studio apartment
in a rough part of san francisco, and finally to a darling nob hill
apartment…but we split it with friends and lived together! ha, so i
guess splurging a little bit on this nice, furnished place after not having
a place of our own since july. we are definitely ready for this place!
IMG_3667our apartment used to be a dutch print shop, so you walk
right off the street into the dining room / kitchen. there are
four stories, and each are just narrow and darling! it is so
funny to suddenly have so much space and all of these levels.
IMG_3726here we are on the main floor, looking out.
i love these windows and doors!
IMG_3722you walk past the dining room and straight back into
our little kitchen (yay for finally being able to cook again!)
IMG_3723the view from the kitchen is back across the
dining table and out the doors. it’s so nice!
IMG_3721since our place is furnished all of the dishes and
items are stocked, but i have added a few of my own! ^^
(thanks mom for finding these with me in SA :)
IMG_3759IMG_3725it’s so nice to have a dining room table …
we have never had one in any of our small places!
we had some new friends over to dinner the first
weekend because we were so excited to make use of it.
IMG_3727IMG_3718europeans are so good at making use of space —

so right under the stairs fits our laundry + dryer!
(also first time having these in a place we live in!)
see you never, laundromat :) up to level 2 we go!
IMG_7665IMG_7666the views out of our windows are the best part ^^
i can’t wait to decorate our own home eventually, but in this place
it’s pretty nice to have things decorated + furnished on their own.
IMG_3731from the living room, let’s head to the 3rd floor!

IMG_3732up here we have our bathroom, and an office.
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset^^ a casual horse-drawn carriage clicking down our street :)
IMG_3739 then we go up our last staircase to the top floor bedroom!
(with all of these stairs, we better have some ripped calves :)
IMG_3746and, our high-ceilinged bedroom ^^
IMG_3749^^ with some pretty good bedroom views. i was taking these
yesterday on a rainy day, so you can see how cozy it feels!
IMG_3747we’re slowly but surely unpacking and getting settled..
chase is always better at this than i am!
IMG_3754back down from the bedroom..
IMG_3758then from the office down to the living room…
IMG_3715and finally all the way back down to the ground floor!
IMG_3671 …where we have been having some fun dinners and getting settled in.
IMG_3669i love our new life here with this guy! ^^
IMG_3640we’ve loved all of our apartments,
and are happy to add this one to the list :)