table mountain, cape town!

table mountain, cape town!

hello from one of the most beautiful spots on earth::
cape town’s table mountain. i think this view is
(or at least should be) on most people’s bucket list.

the city itself of cape town was not quite what i expected,
but the surrounding area and natural beauty of the
western cape was so much more than i expected.
we were glad to experience both during our visit!
IMG_2353the day we arrived we hopped right on the city sightseeing bus
because a) it takes you right up to the base of table mountain, and
b) it was the perfect way to loop around the city and get a feel for it.
IMG_2304sometimes these are just so worth it and in cape town where
there is a definite lack of public transport, it’s the best option.
the bus pass is reasonable at $10 USD, and offers guided transport
through the city. it even started right near our hotel at the waterfront!
IMG_2306it was a clear day when we arrived, and i had heard to go straight
up to table mountain first thing if it’s good weather. this is because
it can often get foggy and table mountain + the cablway will close
because of wind and no visibility. i didn’t want that to happen and
miss this experience during our time here, so we headed for the hills!

IMG_2307on our way up to table mountain we got
to see
a few major downtown sights + streets:
IMG_2315 IMG_2316meanwhile, table mountain beckoned in the distance!
IMG_2329we were planning to hike all the way up table mountain,
but once we got dropped off at the base we scrapped
that for a few reasons. 1) it was unusually hot around 95
degrees, 2) it would take about 3 hours up and we would
barely make it up before closing, and 3) the cableway just
looked so fun! so we spoiled ourselves and went up on that.

IMG_2335amazing views as we ascended ^^
IMG_2336 IMG_2341^^^ the first thing we could see as we got on top was this
gorgeous beach: camps bay. i wanted to teleport straight
down there and jump in the water on that hot day!
IMG_2342wow … can that water color be real?
IMG_2343it was the prettiest time of day, right in the
afternoon and turning to golden hour.

IMG_2346 IMG_2355one of the best views i’ve ever seen…
the combo of the natural mountain + beach
landscapes meeting the city landscape is breathtaking!
IMG_2357lion’s head peak! ^^
IMG_2372 IMG_2374 IMG_2391 we could NOT stop taking pictures.
it was too scenic for words!
IMG_2401 IMG_2402apparently table mountain has just been named in the
“new 7 wonders of nature” along with iguazu falls, the
amazon, malong bay, komodo, jeju island, & puerto princesa.
all amazing places we haven’t been, so we’re glad we checked this off!

IMG_2447 IMG_2406 IMG_2417 i wasn’t kidding .. haha! sorry for all of the photos!
IMG_2450 we were so glad we had taken the cableway,
because we got to spend hours on top and we
actually hiked around quite a bit on the huge flat top!
i think we paid $15 per person so it was well worth it.
IMG_6971panorama from my iphone ^^ 

IMG_2459happy “hiker” on the way down the cableway.
IMG_2463and, back on the big red bus we went!
we caught the last one of the day just in time.
IMG_2466the bus took us down and along the waterfront
which was so nice and refreshing to feel the sea
breeze kick in and the evening cool off. it reminded us so
much of california as we passed the beaches and waterfront.

IMG_2469 IMG_2471IMG_2473just LOOK at this dusky beach! incredible.
IMG_2472IMG_6959 IMG_2481the coast here reminded us a lot of san francisco’s embarcadero…
with all of the runners, bikers, and even funky sculptures ^^
IMG_2483table mountain, you really showed off for us!
see you next from a cape point day trip!


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