south african surprise!

south african surprise!

with all of our crazy travels, living in london, and then getting ready
to move to amsterdam, we had a few weeks in between where chase
needed to travel to meetings and we wouldn’t be renting a place yet.
we already had tickets booked down to be with my parents for
thanksgiving and most of december, so as we thought of these
few weeks in between we realized it made the most sense if i
headed down to south africa a few weeks early. right now i can
work from anywhere so i could wrap things up there, and chase
would be on trains and in hotels all over northern europe
getting started in his new role. i couldn’t handle being on
the road again for these weeks and just needed some type
of settling, so we decided it was best. i called my dad and
he was so cute saying of course i should come early, and
together we decided it would be the most fun to not tell
my mom and just surprise her! 1) because she is the best
to surprise and 2) this way she couldn’t plan extra things..
i could just take part in what they were already doing and
work on all my own things during these weeks! i was so
sad to be apart for chase for a few weeks after spending
every second together for months, but it ended up being
the right choice and her reaction alone made it worth it.
south african surprise!

this video shows it best…  :)

IMG_6291south african surprise!3i had quite the crazy time getting down here with long delays
coming out of london, then a stopover in nairobi where my flight
was canceled until the next day … (so at least i got a taste of kenya)…
but by the time i arrived to south africa i was very ready to be done traveling!

south african surprise!2after that awful flight sequence, seeing my dad through
the glass at the airport made me cry! it was fun that
we were keeping it a secret, so it was just us at the airport!

IMG_6318south african surprise!1 IMG_6333i brought my dad a ben’s cookie from london to thank him for picking me up!
an airport pickup always warrants treats if you ask me.
IMG_6335i also brought them lots of SF and euro treats i had packed away.
IMG_6339i LOVE pulling up to their pretty street, and love

that i had already been here once before!
IMG_6336welcome “home” away from home to me!
IMG_6341 south african surprise!4some of the best parts of being here ^^ sunshine + my mom’s sweet rolls.
south african surprise!5and now i leave you with just a few screenshots from the video

of surprising my mom … she is just too good at reactions!
it is a memory we’ll have forever and it was so worth it :)
SA Surprise1 SA Surprise3 SA Surprise4 SA Surprise6 SA Surprise8 so classic, with my dad filming :)
good to be back!
SA Surprise