lion park, south africa

lion park, south africa

the south african lion & rhino park!
this place was a highlight from both of my visits to south africa
this year and last year. it is basically every animal lover’s dream!

this park feels like you’re in the wild – but it’s only 20
minutes from where my parents live in johannesburg.
the biggest highlight here is petting & playing with baby lions,
but you also get to drive around on your own and see the gorgeous
white lions, cheetah, and so many other animals.. like a mini safari!
IMG_2939we headed to see the little guys at the animal creche first.
beware, an overload of cuteness is below! (the cubs, not us ;)
IMG_2941^^ look at chase’s smile haha, dream come true!
IMG_2952they were a little bit feisty at first… took some warming up to us!
IMG_2950IMG_2959how perfect can they be ??? ^^
IMG_2974IMG_6868haha look at that face! !such attitude from this little one ^^
IMG_2955IMG_2961eventually they got thirsty and headed over to the water.
IMG_2962IMG_2966IMG_2969family photo … considered making this our christmas
card this year and pretending these were our little pets!
IMG_2978becoming besties ^^
IMG_6398lion cub selfie!
IMG_2902next we went to say hi to the baby leopards! they
were still too tiny to be handled but so so cute & feisty.
IMG_1933IMG_1934IMG_2903annabelle the cheetah was our next stop.
we looked over and she was casually on top of
the tent in her cage. it made us laugh so hard!

IMG_2906 IMG_6405we went into the cheetah cage next, and at first it
was running all around and jumping on things. instead
of being scared, my mom was following it and trying
to pet and walk with it! ha – she’s fearless, that one.

IMG_6407you can tell how i felt about petting a cheetah up close!
IMG_6411IMG_7306IMG_7307IMG_7316IMG_7317IMG_7318IMG_7328IMG_7330 IMG_2933my favorite part:: the white lions!
you can pull up right next to them.
(don’t worry, we kept windows closed)

IMG_2920look at this guy just relaxing ^^ amazing!
IMG_2922oh, he wakes!
IMG_2925taking in his surroundings ^^
IMG_2927i wish this photo showed it, but the breeze picked up & 
his mane was flowing all majestically. it really was amazing!
IMG_2931the teenagers woke up too ^^
IMG_2936but then they went back to their snoozing
and we (very reluctantly) left them.
IMG_7334we ended our visit at the “neck deck” to feed
and pet giraffes. could this day get better?
IMG_6436 IMG_2983IMG_6433IMG_2996this is just another example of why south africa is
so incredible. you get so up close with nature.
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetwe love you, baby lions! 
we love you, south africa!