paris in the fall

paris in the fall

if i had to suggest a time of year to travel to almost anywhere,
nine times out of ten i would say the fall is the best.
IMG_9243this is especially true in europe. a few perks of fall travel include:
cities & attractions are less crowded •• temperatures have fallen and
the summer heat is over •• in lots of places, the fall leaves & colors dress
up the city and make it even more beautiful •• it’s just a cozy, memorable
and festive time to have a trip before the holidays begin. from chicago to
montreal to new york city to paris, we’ve loved so many cities in the fall!
IMG_9284we found ourselves back in paris for a few glorious fall days and we truly
lingered, savored, and soaked them up. they were the last days of our
complete freedom traveling around, and we were flying to milan from
there for chase to start a big work conference and his new job.
so, this time in paris will be one of our most memorable as
we kissed our carefree backpacking days goodbye and got
ready to start new jobs and settle over here in europe.
i got my first bad cold on these final days (of course ..)
but i didn’t even mind because a) paris was so beautiful and
b) i couldn’t believe my body had held up without getting sick all
3 months of travel up until the end, so i cut it some slack. we took
lots of photos and i just love the way the city was looking, so be ready
for all of them below … it’s mostly a photo diary today, but a pretty one!

IMG_9218this cliché picture ^^ it’s a cliché for a reason!

IMG_9205the colors were just beginning to show as we arrived to paris,
and it was fun to see these famous sights framed with fall colors
and bright accents. after lots of visits in the summer and one in the
winter, seeing paris in the fall made me view it in a completely new way.
IMG_5141the best street view ^^

IMG_9272IMG_9279the tops of the parisian buildings against the crisp blue sky
had my camera card almost full on this fall stroll.
IMG_9282 IMG_9285PARIS in the fall14IMG_9160IMG_9224PARIS in the fall12being sick meant taking cold meds all day and it meant
chase kept buying me lait et miel (milk & honey) steamers.
IMG_5151 IMG_9070 IMG_9073 IMG_9086IMG_9096 IMG_9091 IMG_9099 IMG_9098parisian doors ♡
IMG_9105 IMG_9107PARIS in the fall5we walked through les halles marché, and found
that the cronut trend has made it to france. we
had to try one since they are so good at croissants! 

IMG_9173 IMG_9132IMG_9232 IMG_9134 IMG_9135 IMG_9168the cutest ice cream drink there ever was ^^
IMG_9169one of the best walking paths in the world..along the seine ^^
PARIS in the fall9we made a quick stop at the marché aux fleurs on ile de la cité. dreamy!

IMG_9180 IMG_9183 IMG_9186PARIS in the fall6i always like stopping into la droguerie – a darling ribbon & fabric store in the marais.
IMG_9140 IMG_9187IMG_9228 IMG_9208 IMG_9216 IMG_9226PARIS in the fallshopping at printemps, the parisian department store.
i loved the flower ceiling! ^^

IMG_9213 IMG_9230 IMG_9234 IMG_9244 PARIS in the fall13 IMG_9248PARIS in the fall3i think i found one of my new favorite street names in paris..
rue du croissant, or street of croissant! it sounds like a
tasty, buttery, flaky, fluffy street … doesn’t it? :)

IMG_9249PARIS in the fall 18 IMG_9250 IMG_9258we stopped in at the poshest of cafés near the champs-élysées.
we didn’t realize how expensive it was until we sat down, so just split
a dish and then headed to our favorite spot for a croque monsieur :)
IMG_9290^^ the best croque monsieur in town, at vert tulipe:

IMG_9289PARIS in the fall21 PARIS in the fall1 we rented an airbnb in montmartre and really felt like we were living in paris.
PARIS in the fall16IMG_9206IMG_5177paris , vous êtes belle à l’automne . je t’aime!