our london flat

our london flat

we got to live in london for a month this fall & pretend we were locals!
it was the best month ever with perfect weather (mostly all of
october), and we stayed right in covent garden by the google office
in the cutest little flat. a big expensive city like london is so fun to
live in when you know it’s just for a short time. it forced us to soak
it up and take advantage! if we were to live in london for a more permanent basis, we’ve been told we’d have to check out somewhere like THESPACESTATION.CO.UK for our apartment. we definitely enjoyed every single day
and i have some fun things to share from our time here. but first,
a few photos from our flat and neighborhood from our time here..
i have to document each place we’ve lived together. i know this one
was for a very short time, but after many months on the road it
actually felt like quite a while to be settled in one place. it felt
so good to unpack our bags and cook some meals here! the best
part was that google’s london offices was only a 3 minute walk from
our place…so it was ideal for chase! he loved having some team working
in this office here, and i included some pictures at the bottom of google london.
IMG_5526this was the view of the end of our street.
i love the pink building and it always helped
me find my way home because it was so bright!
london apartment!5a few photos of the flat! we just rented off airbnb since it would
only be 4 weeks. we saw a few flats with modern looking aluminium bifold doors which we were really keen on, but in the end we went for this flat because of how nicely it was furnished. as much as i would have liked to have had some bifold doors to open up each morning for some fresh london air, i fell in love with the white kitchen, bathroom,
bedroom and living room. it was a fun place to make memories here. i would love a place with some bathroom tech in the future, but still.
IMG_0091betterton street, our street! when i lived in london before
interning in college, i actually rented a room in wimbledon.
i adored it, but this time was fun to have the chance to
live right downtown london in the center of it all.
london apartment!2our door, and the london-esque views from the bathroom window ^^
IMG_0133the living room (with our many bags filling up the floor) ^^
IMG_0131if you walked to the end of our street you could look
down and see the google offices from there. it was the best
location to be right in covent garden, and it was an even better commute!

IMG_0125you didn’t think we’d love somewhere new and not find a new
favorite brunch spot, did you? :) the first morning we arrived
was a saturday and we ventured right out to try tredwell’s. we
knew right away that this would be our regular place while here.
london apartment!1^^ we started things off healthy with a crisp
green juice while we eyed much more indulgent orders…
IMG_0105… like this caramelised banana eggy bread, bacon, & maple syrup ^^
IMG_0110and a hearty plate called the full tredwell’s:
bacon, eggs, sausage, chorizo jam, truffled
potato croquettes and toasted sourdough ^^

IMG_0112we couldn’t forget a shrimp benedict!
(i guess we were hungry that first morning ;)

IMG_0102but we balanced it all out with their healthy drinks, don’t worry.
IMG_0113 IMG_0118IMG_5708chase had fun working in the london office and getting to know
part of his team there. there are actually 3 google buildings
throughout london, but this covent garden location is a major
one and it’s so nice. i met him a few times for breakfast or lunch
and he had the best time getting to know the office here! lucky boy.
IMG_5499the office decor here was the cutest. i loved all of it!
Google Londonthe library was so cool here with lots of good books ^^
Google London1 Google London2chase’s typical breakfasts at work ^^ he is spoiled.
Google London3speaking of spoiled = the view out of his desk window looking
over all of london. yes, the london eye was right out his window!

IMG_5647and the google gym view ^^ i feel like it’s so european
to give the options of running or walking on a treadmill.

IMG_5863and just typical google lunches ^^ i miss chase all day
now that we don’t work together, so i make him send
me pictures of his lunch hah. is that weird?

IMG_5493IMG_5518another fun part of our location was how central we were.
since the weather was staying warm i took some late night
jogs down to the thames while chase was studying late.
london apartment!3
IMG_5522i have some fun london discoveries and adventures to share,
but just wanted to share our actual flat + work here to
remember it always! see all of our apartments here:
our first one when we moved to california, our next one
in santa clara, our tiny little studio in san francisco, and
our favorite nob hill apartment that we lived in all the way up
until moving to europe. i love living in new spaces and creating
memories there. you leave a little bit of yourself in each place..
and we were glad to leave some traces in london.