museums of london

museums of london

london is the best for museums … it’s just like washington DC with
its world-class collections that are mostly FREE! they are impossible
not to explore and take advantage of. i loved showing chase some of my
favorite museums through london. we mostly visited after church on sunday
afternoons and just perused around. i love that they are free so you can spend
as little or as much time in them as you’d like, because you can always go back!
my #1 favorite museum in london is the little-known, tiny sir john soane museum,
but i love all of the major ones too. here are a few highlights from our museuming!

IMG_0346british museum! so beautiful inside ^^
IMG_0350 the rosetta stone is always incredible to see in person ^^
IMG_0354 IMG_0358 IMG_0359 IMG_0365IMG_0801the museum of london is one of my favorites,
how it goes through all of the time periods of the city.

IMG_1336and of course … it’s hard to beat the national gallery.
IMG_1338IMG_1347monet, my favorite of all!
IMG_1340London museums3
IMG_1341 IMG_1344 IMG_1349seriously ^^ i could sit and stare forever
IMG_6219London museums1 IMG_6220 London museumsprincess portraits at the portrait gallery. gorgeous!
London museums2 London museums4 IMG_0800part of the original wall of london at the museum of london!
London museums5we’ve done a lot more that aren’t pictured here,
from the V&A to my very fave: sir john soane museum.
see more about our favorite museums here.

IMG_0368thanks for keeping us cultured, london!