montmartre at night

montmartre at night

our most recent time to paris was one of the best.
to be there in the fall was the biggest treat, combined with
the fact that we rented an apartment in montmartre and
really felt like we were parisians for a week (i keep trying to
get chase to apply for roles in the google paris office, but he
always responds with silly reasons like the fact he doesn’t
speak french …… okay, i guess that is a valid reason – haha.
so i’ll just enjoy living nearby for now and visiting often ;)

IMG_9039staying right in montmartre made it so that every night
we could stroll the neighborhood and drink in the magic.
i was a little bit sick with a cold, but i couldn’t resist nightly
strolls to sacré cœur and all around the neighborhood. it was
really the perfect finalé to our 3 months on the road through europe

IMG_5101here was our cute little apartment. so stylish & parisian!
airbnb really is the way to go in paris if you want the local
experience. there are cheap rentals in montmartre, and for
a more expensive stay the marais is really fun to rent a place in.
Montmartre at nightour doorway + wooden spiral staircase ^^
the place we rented was on the very top floor, which was fun for
a week but i can’t imagine our muscles if we lived there full time!
Montmartre at night1IMG_9022
IMG_5107i will never forget strolling arm in arm with my sniffly nose
under the lit up sacré cœur and art shops listening to the
accordion play. we got crepes near midnight every night
because they are just a must here, no matter the time.
IMG_9024 IMG_9028 IMG_9031IMG_5092 Montmartre at night2one night when i felt the most sick, chase treated me to chipotle
(we’d  been craving it for MONTHS!) and a night in watching
moulin rouge since we were staying on the same street.

Montmartre at night3IMG_9021love you always, paris!


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