luxury in london

luxury in london

we arrived to london in october in a pretty haggard state, if i do say so myself.
since july 1st we had only been in hotels / rentals for a few days at a time and
bounced all over the place on planes, trains, and buses. we packed in the
experiences + memories, but didn’t take much time for ourselves. we had
eaten whatever we wanted on vacation mode for 3 months, lived out of
tiny toiletry bags, (AKA…zero skincare or products by the end), etc.
London Luxurynormally on a vacation we try to feel & look our best to enjoy it,
but by the end we were just spent and i did not feel my best. i
decided to take our month in london to take care of myself and
shape up a bit. i hardly ever get haircuts or any kind of treatments,
but it was necessary by the time we got here. the only problem is
that i was in london and didn’t know any of the places to go.
i slowly found some good salons/spas for different treatments
and compiled a list for a “luxury day in london…” whether you
live here or are passing through and need a cure for jet lag :)
below are some of my favorite stops for treatments:

NAILS: london grace nail salon
hands down, the cutest nail salon i’ve ever seen! it is in a more local part of london (on putney high street), but that makes it fun to explore the area and feel like a local. it has a little café and coffee bar in it, and the most darling downstairs if you want to make it a girls day out or a shower. seriously i am in love with this place and they make all of their own organic polishes with “no nasties” as they say :) i loved the girls here and wish i was living here longer so i could go more often…it’s like a ladies social club with a nail salon.

Luxury in London2HAIR: daniel galvin salon
(i got my hair cut for the first time in a year (!!!) and also got it styled with curls which i never do. it felt so good to go out on the town with chase afterward!

London Luxury1
FACIAL: chelsea day spa
My friend told me that she visited a beautiful day spa melbourne and she recommended that I visit a day spa too! i love the chic area of chelsea so much. i would want to live there if we actually moved here for longer! this little spa is hidden up on the second floor of the cutest building and you can get all kinds of treatments. i recommend the facial, especially after months on the road taking no care of my face.

IMG_6055BROWS: blink brow bar
at home i normally get my brows done every 8 months and pluck a few in between, but after our time on the road my eyebrows were a mess! i think cleaning them up can make you look and feel better in a snap. i am now a big believer in threading instead of waxing, and it only takes a few minutes at one of the lovely locations of this brow bar scattered through london. they are everywhere classy and convenient, from selfridges to liberty london. i loved blink!

LASHES: lady lash
for my first time i got lash extensions! i won’t lie, i used to be pretty against them but i’ve had more and more friends get them where they look so natural and i was interested for the convenience!!! i am so tired of makeup and just stopped wearing it toward the end. i came here and asked for the most natural possible (and no longer than my own lashes,) but it has been so nice since my natural eyelashes are bright blonde so they disappear when i don’t put mascara on them! i love that this place will do anything from natural to the most dramatic. the only problem is that i’m not great at taking care of these things, and i went in a steam room 2 days later…so lots may or may not have fallen off, but i guess i learned the hard way ;)
Luxury in London3
TAN: tanning shop UK
i feel a little bit vain admitting all of these treatments i did, but foggy london meant i was a little bit scary pale. i passed by this shop a few places in london while there, and finally our last week i decided to do the lightest spray tan option since i was feeling a bit bland. the girl working was the cutest, and she helped make sure i got the lightest setting since i was acting like ross from friends and worried i would turn orange! ( i hadn’t had one forever). it was perfect and brightened me up (quite literally) for a few days!

Luxury in London4
MASSAGE: thai square spa
i surprised chase with a massage to celebrate him starting his new job and b school all at once! he deserved it and so did his shoulders and back which had carried our packs all over europe all summer. it ended up being so nice and right down the street from our flat in covent garden! such a fun location, but they did tell us they are moving right nearby to northumberland avenue.

HOTELS: Mayfair

i spoke to locals and did some research into the best places to stay in London, and Mayfair hotels came out the most highly recommended. if you are looking to stay in London (and you really should) then i suggest checking out the hotels in this area. its a truly amazing part of the city and the hotels are stunning.

thank you london for getting me back to myself!
hope these tips are helpful for those in lovely london..
after all, this is a city where you want to look your best :)