i’m always so happy to get back into any french-speaking
part of the world. i love that mid-way through switzerland, the signs
and announcements suddenly change languages and you can go from
german to french between two towns. we made it into geneva after a
dreamy stay in montreux, gruyères & broc and just enjoyed the busy
clean, expensive cosmopolitan city for a few days. we looked around
at the geneva hotels and found it hard to choose between them but we
got there in the end and had a lovely stay. i had been once before
with my bff ashley in college, and we were so tired that we basically just
walked out to the huge fountain in the lake and also bought a hot chocolate
for about $14 US dollars before hightailing it out of there to our next stop.
i had remembered it as crazy expensive (as all of switzerland is), without
much to do. this time i enjoyed it more by just strolling with chase and
finding some good local spots to enjoy the city in. much better this time!
geneva may not have as many obvious attractions, but below the
surface it is one of the most international and important cities in the world.
worldwide government agencies are stationed here, along with major banks
and international companies. this smart business city is pretty too, sitting along
the shores of europe’s largest alpine lake. due to the business needs here, you can
find top notch cuisine & hotels … but remember it does come at top price here!
IMG_8679IMG_8612 IMG_5169we had the loveliest of fall weather to stroll around in after finding church..
that itself was an adventure (which i put on snapchat) because we had to
go pretty far out of geneva and got a bit lost, finding ourselves walking
under an overpass and through some funny roads but we finally made it!
IMG_8584we went to the english ward and met so many american expats living and working here in geneva … it was fun to chat with others having the international experience and have things in common with them. we had a great chat about all the positives and negatives of being an expat and living abroad, which was really interesting. generally, it appears the positives outweigh the negatives, but things like the cultural differences, language barriers, missing family and friends and having to sort out tax returns whilst living in another country cannot be ignored. thankfully, someone passed on some useful information about getting help with expat taxes, so that’s one problem sorted.

IMG_4906everything in geneva is so nice and so classy…
for example: fresh, perfect flowers everywhere.

IMG_4905strolling the lake in the beautiful weather won me over this time!
IMG_8666IMG_8652IMG_8565our hotel had the best gourmet breakfast spread. i just made my
own cheese plate every morning! so healthy of me :)
IMG_4901just 2 shadows on our way to church, with
chase frantically searching for directions ^^
i finally got us a paper map and we got there the old-fashioned way.

IMG_8587even public transport is fancy here!
Geneva10we stopped into n’vy to quench our walking thirst. we’ve become the
biggest fans of virgin mojitos. that mint + lime + salt, mmm mmm!
IMG_8668IMG_8573 Geneva4IMG_8676GenevaIMG_8634chase wanted to visit the reformation wall here, a monument honoring
the leaders and events of the protestant reformation which was influenced from here.
Geneva3 IMG_8601 IMG_8605 IMG_8607 IMG_8611 IMG_8646when in switzerland, never say no to m?venpick for a treat.
IMG_8650IMG_8682while in switzerland we stayed in the coziest of hotels right off
the lake & across from old town. hotel eastwest was a great
base and we had the very best service here. it was one of the nicest
hotel staffs i’ve ever experienced! i want to be friends with all of them.
IMG_8562the pretty courtyard was the best place to relax before dinner ^^
IMG_8688we ate so well right in our cozy hotel. european hotels have a much
higher standard for restaurants within them, we’ve found!
Geneva6IMG_8528i’ve said it before & i’ll say it again ..the butter is just so much better here.
IMG_8546one of the best cuts of meat, with sea salt sprinkled. amazing.
IMG_8701we ended the meal like we end most meals..with a chocolate soufflé :)
IMG_8520Geneva5i savored the breakfast every morning here. can we just move in? ^^
IMG_8525hi, there’s me in the window! ^^
IMG_8558 at night we were treated to a swiss chocolate tasting in our room..
it made us leave geneva with an even sweeter taste in our mouth!

IMG_8622i’m beginning to think that each place is just better with this boy
by my side. it’s been true for everywhere we’ve been together!