sunday notes

sunday notes

dear internet / social media / online world: can we just take a step back for a minute and breathe? i’ve always had mostly positive experiences with you, but lately i’ve seen some of your ugly side. why the negativity? why the competition? why the judgement? let’s focus on the good. assume the best. let’s lift each other up. encourage. spread only good things. let’s use it as a tool for positivity, not negativity. we’re all just doing our best. okay? thanks!

dear train ride across the USA, you definitely just made it on my bucket list.

dear homemade noodles + parmesan + olive oil, you were the perfect simple thing to cook this week as we finally rented an airbnb and i’ve been sick. comfort food at it’s best.

dear world expo: you were a traveler’s dream come true. i loved walking and eating and learning through so many countries of the world in one place. incredible.

dear oregon shooting, our hearts and prayers are with your victims + their loved ones. i love and agree with every word of this response.

dear utes, you are the highlight of our week every week (even if we have to wake up at all hours of the night to watch your games live). thanks for the taste of home, and for the extra good win last week. 4-0!

dear salted caramel apple crisp, i think you need to make your way into my kitchen ASAP once we get settled. thanks cute chelsey for the inspo!

dear puppy video, i have watched you 40 times this week.

dear snapchat, i’ve definitely overused you this summer going through europe. my only wish is that i could somehow watch back every snap from the summer!

dear phone number, i officially just said goodbye to you and released you since we will be living over here in europe and it makes no sense to pay for it during that time. a little bit nostalgic… i will miss you!

dear EVERYONE, NEVER fly alitalia airlines. here is why! hahaha

dear chipotle, so good to be reunited in paris :)

dear apple + peanut butter combo, you’ve been temporarily replaced with apple + nutella as my go-to snack.

dear hola app, you are a lifesaver allowing us watch shows, football games, etc. over here. best invention for living abroad!

dear new grinder tv show, i’m a new fan…because your first episode was hilarious & clever, and really mainly because rob lowe &  kevin from the wonder years. what’s not to love?

dear this mashup, impossible not to smile while watching you.

dear MBA, i know i have to share my husband with you starting now – but please don’t hog him too much.

dear french, every time we get back into a french speaking part of europe my mood improves 500%. thanks for coming back enough for me to get around!

dear this song, you are on repeat. this one too!

dear open face apple pie, i think you are the prettiest thing i’ve seen all week.

dear conference, you truly always have the best timing.

dear cure for the common cold, have we found you yet? i always forget how rough simple colds can be until we both have one again (while traveling)…

but, dear body: thank you for somehow holding up for 3 months of travel and deciding to only get sick right at the end when i can afford to slow down. so thoughtful of you.

dear europe, we weren’t anywhere near ready to leave you yet…so we are really happy to be settling over here for a bit!


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  • Just got caught up on the last few posts. Everything sounds so exciting and so exhausting! Haha. Glad you finally get some time to relax (and write some Sunday notes ;)). Love reading, as always! Enjoy conference weekend.

  • love this! the shooting this week was horrific, but I also love the response from the White House and President Obama. Unfortunately he’s had a lot of practice making speeches on the subject. On a lighter note, I’ve also been listening to “stand by you.” If you had a playlist this summer in Europe you should post it! At the very least let’s exchange playlists if your interested!! I’m always so down for new music.

  • love these notes! such a good reminder to look at things in a positive light and I hear you on the social media front – let’s just all get along and use it for positive. :)

  • Okay I loved Grinder too! Haha so glad to have a new show. Love all of these and I need to try apple with Nutella..what!?!?!

  • Hmmmmm, wonder how we can morph this into more positivity, the world certainly needs more of it. Have you ever thought of a Sunday Notes link-up? Feeling like looking for our blessings is a good thing as their are blessings even in our trials.

  • Your Sunday notes contain some very important reminders and at the very center of your musings is a grateful heart.

  • Yes!!! Train across America is on my bucket list too. Who knew?! And looks amazing. And that Rachel Platten song is amazing. Also on repeat for me! :)

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