life update: where we’re moving!

life update: where we’re moving!

after 3 months of straight travel over here in europe, we are settling … over here!!
we were nowhere near ready to leave yet, and we feel lucky to have the chance to stay and live here for a bit.

a lot of people have been confused about how we were able to spend the summer traveling, and what led to all of this …
now i can explain things a little bit more! you may have heard about some big changes to google over the summer.
sort of related to the shake-up, chase’s team was one of the companies that spun out on its own. he was given an offer to go with them as a start-up, or to stay with google and find a new role. even though he absolutely loved his team and product, he chose to stay with google at this time in his career – so he was given 90 days (3 months) to wrap things up and find his next role. he was paid during this time but had no work to do except figure out his next role (i know – only at a company like google do they offer something like this for the rare circumstance chase was in!)

our goal has always been to live abroad in europe together. we did also browse some Costa Rica real estate listings as well but settled on europe because of the culture we both love so much. we decided to be proactive and use this incredibly rare paid time off to get ourselves over here, have an adventure, and work hard to find his next role while here. due to things still being confidential with the changes at the time, we couldn’t really explain all of this – so it probably seemed sudden and confusing . . . but to us, it was a no-brainer! our apartment lease in SF was up, my job at google was at a good time to transition from on good terms, and so many small things had come together that made us completely feel like this was what we were supposed to be doing…following a dream!

so as we’ve been on the road for 3 months, chase has also been networking, meeting in european offices, and pursuing different roles with google all over. he’s been such a trooper to be traveling and having no routine while also doing this. we knew his resume was a winner – he’d worked with someone similar to arc resumes ( to really fine-tune it and make it the best showcase of him as a professional that it could possibly be. he actually ended up having a few options (some back in the US), but when he was offered a great role on a new project in amsterdam, it was exactly what we had hoped for. we actually had a few european city options since chase’s role covers the nordic & benelux regions, but we got to choose amsterdam. it was probably my first choice – i love so many cities over here, but i’ve lived in london and france, and was hoping for somewhere smaller and more unique to get to know. plus, a lot of our loved ones have never been, so it’s a perfect excuse to make them come visit! it’s also a great location to be connected to the mainland of europe so we can do lots of little weekend trips (when chase doesn’t have school…i have to keep being reminded of that ;)
amsterdam will be different, (and cold in the winter!!) but i am so excited and think it’s right where we are supposed to be. it’s also great because chase’s project is just 9 months as of now – so it gives us options and doesn’t tie us down long term.

so, we head to madrid this week for chase to kick off his part-time MBA, then we’ll first live in london for the rest of october for chase to do training and to wait for our netherlands visas to come through. then, we’re off to amsterdam where we will be through at least june 2016 living a dutch life! we are so excited to live in this beautiful city and i can’t wait to get to know it better. i loved it when i first visited in college, and chase and i were also there a few months ago – we thought it was the perfect central, unique city to live in while we’ve over here in europe.

it also works well with chase’s part-time MBA program because after the first weeks it is part-time, so he is able to do it from anywhere and just go meet a few times per semester. it’s a little crazy that we will go from being together 24/7 the past 3 months to hardly seeing each other since chase is taking on a new job and his MBA at night/on weekends, but we feel ready to buckle down and get in a routine. We already knew that Chase completing an MBA would have an impact on how much time we would get to spend with each other, and so that’s why we did decide to have a look at these online mba programs to see if this is a route that we would rather go down instead. But Chase preferred the idea of physically completing an MBA, and so I backed up his decision 100%, and we were willing to take this risk. Although, I knew it would work out alright in the end; everything always does. I’m just so proud of him for making this big step in his life. Wanting to start an MBA of your own, research MBA program options in your local area to get a heads start.

since i won’t have a work visa i’ll be writing, doing some freelance work, catching up on the blog from our crazy summer, working on a project for wellcared, and then looking at jobs in january since we are headed to south africa to be with my parents for the holidays. it will be interesting for me to have less structure while chase is so busy, but with all of the moving/visa logisitics, catching up, side trips, and settling in a new place i think i will have plenty to do at first. i’m looking forward to the time and feel lucky to have it! i am thinking i will look into remote jobs in january to do from amsterdam, so if anyone has any good leads – send my way! :)

unnamed-1 for now, we are excited to live it up for 9 months in amsterdam.
i plan to learn to make homemade stroopwafels, dutch pancakes, and
collect lots of tulips + wooden clogs … hahah, kidding! (kind of :)
but i am excited to be immersed in dutch culture and life in holland.
timeswehad lastly, i have to put in writing how proud i am of my sweet husband.
chase has made all of my wildest dreams come true (and they have definitely been wild),
put up with a crazy travel schedule, and found an amazing new role that allows us to live
over here. it is not lost on me how lucky i am to get to benefit from that – and i hope to
support him as much as possible as he takes on these two new major steps.

he has given me such a gift to have had the past 3 months with
him and the rest of our lives together…wherever we are!
as the alice in wonderland quote says, “actually, the best gift you
could have given her was a lifetime of adventures…” amen.

i love you more every day, chase. thank you for constantly over-delivering.



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  • Oh, so exciting! Google sounds like an incredible company to work for. I’m so excited to read about your new dutch life!

  • Ah this is so exciting! I wouldn’t worry too much about keeping busy, you seem to make the most out of every opportunity and literally each day. I seriously admire that. And this is coming from somebody that mighttttt waste one too many days watching Gilmore Girls. :) anyways, can’t wait to learn all about what’s cool in Amsterdam and see what’s next!

    • hahaha oh my i miss that show! trust me, i think a lot of upcoming days will involve plenty of binge show watching and relaxing as we get settled :) hope you’re doing well cutest girl!

  • Okay this is SO exciting! It suits you so well, what a beautiful city. Can’t wait to follow the next adventure and have an excuse to get to Amsterdam one day again. congrats!!!

  • Wow, I am so happy for the two of you! I’ve been following you since the beginning and have seen how this blog has changed and grown. And I believe that it is definitely a reflection of your life. I can’t wait to follow along on this next journey for you and Chase. Blessings!

  • That is so so so exciting! Looking forward to hear more about it! I spent a very short time in Amsterdam while abroad and recommend the Pancake House for a treat :)

    • ahh you know what you’re talking about because we just went there this summer & it was so yummy! i’m hoping that will be a frequent stop for us :) xoxo

  • Yess!!! Probably y favorite place I’ve ever visited! And I met soo many Americans in Amsterdam! Ah, so looking forward to your blog even more now haha. Will you live in a sweet little canal house?!!? I heard those are super expensive, but I’m sure renting couldn’t be THAT bad right?! ;) Also, I LOVED that little thing on your blog yesterday “Oh darling, let’s just be homebodies” hahaha. That is me after we go out of town for a weekend, haha. I can only imagine how nice it’s going to be to settle down a bit, but still be “traveling” technically ;) So excited for you guys.

    x. Morgan

    • love that you love it! yes i think there are lots of expats there so that is lucky!
      we are looking at housing online and not sure yet, but fingers crossed for a canal house :) bring your pup and come stay with us!


  • Found your blog through Pinterest. I’ve loved following along with your travels and even got my sister hooked on your Snapchat/Instagram and Chase’s vlogs. My husband and I would like to do the Volvo Overseas Delivery program, so I’m hoping turn it into a little European vacation! Amsterdam is high on my list of places to make it to while we’re there. Your blog will be a great resource. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures!

    • hi! haha i love everything about this comment! apologies for my excessive euro snapchatting, hehe.
      you have to email me if you guys come over to europe! my mom did the volvo overseas delivery and made it a vacay – brilliant idea :)


  • So exciting! I can imagine you guys are ready for a little bit of routine and R&R after the crazy whirlwind of a summer you had! I haven’t been to Amsterdam but it looks like the most charming little city (esp that famous bridge spot). Can’t wait to hear more!

    • yes we definitely are :)
      you have to visit amsterdam! there are canals and bridges through the entire city and it’s amazing.
      i hope i can post lots about it and convince people to come, haha! xo

  • So amazing! I’m not going to lie I am super jealous haha. My family is dutch and I’ve been lucky enough to visit a few times. Always leaves me wanting more though! It is a beautiful place to be, you are going to love it :) Can’t wait to see all the things you guys do there!

  • Wow what a cool story! Google is so awesome. Who else gets a 3 month paid vacation?! I know he had to work on finding his new role and everything but still so awesome! Excited to follow along with your new adventure!

  • So very happy and excited for you two! It has been such a treat to follow your adventures this summer. I’m sure that there will be lots more cross-country traveling during your stay there. I hope I can make it to Amsterdam one of these days so I can meet you lovely people. God bless!

  • I have yet to catch up with all of your recent travel posts, but i’m excited to sit down one of these days and go through them all!! Hooray for the super exciting news about Amsterdam!!! I can’t wait to see all the fun posts that are to come during the next year! :D

  • How exciting is this?! The Netherlands is an AMAZING place to be – I lived there for 8 months in 2012 and would go back in an instant! You’re going to have the best time.

  • This post was so sweet! You two have already had such an amazing adventure, and it sounds like it’s about to get even better! I can’t wait to read all about your adventures in Amsterdam! Congrats! :)

  • This is all so amazing! Your travels and opportunities! Amsterdam reminds me of SF in many ways, I’m sure you will love it! Happy travels!!

  • I love this post and all the explanation of you wonderful summer that all lined up for the perfect job in Europe.
    So proud of both of you.

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