hiking in hallstatt

hiking in hallstatt

the hills are alive …… with the happiest hikers on earth!
IMG_7799hallstatt not only offers fairytale beauty, but some of the best hiking too. i had
only seen photos of the picturesque town –– but not the surrounding trails!
we arrived on a beautiful sunny day and our hotel room wasn’t ready yet,
so we asked if there were any good hiking trails around. umm, it’s austria!
there are always hiking paths around. If you’re travelling here with pets, if you’re hiking don’t forget to bring a harness for your dog.
we headed straight up the mountain
behind hallstatt toward the salzwelten salt mines to see the view from the
famous welterbeblick world heritage sight overlook. there is also a tram, but
it was definitely worth hiking instead. it’s steep, but the views make up for it. If you’re interested in hiking, there are blogs out there that might be helpful, for example, you could check out something like Cumbrian rambler and follow their adventure as well as mine.
32 IMG_7777the views looking down on the village + across the lake just got better and
better the further we hiked, giving us more motivation to keep climbing up.
IMG_7778we made it to the aussichtsplatform and our eyes widened at the view:
IMG_7784IMG_7776we spent a while up here just staring at the beauty of the earth..
also facetiming some people to show them this view, taking lots
of pictures, and then sitting and staring some more.

IMG_7781IMG_7792^^ just pondering life & the beauty of the earth – haha
IMG_7808 IMG_7786 IMG_7804chase discovered this cool picture angle and we met a cute couple
at the top who we swapped taking twin photos with :) teamwork!

31on the way down we passed pretty waterfalls + read all the
info signs about alpine mountaineering and the history here.

IMG_78093^^ i loved the crazy route my strava showed at the end of the hike.
lots of steep switchbacks hiking up the mountain!

IMG_7816we hiked back down into town hungry and happy.
IMG_7756IMG_4619don’t miss heavenly hallstatt, and definitely don’t miss hiking here.

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