amalfi coast: sorrento

amalfi coast: sorrento

dear amalfi coast:: you were a highlight of our summer.
you were a spontaneous decision, but somewhere we’ve
been wanting to go so badly. you were sunny and bright
and full of lemons and gelato. your streets were hot and
your ocean was refreshing. you were picturesque x 10000.
IMG_4226you were the definition of european summertime
perfection and we fell completely in love.
IMG_6055you may not have had full sand beaches, but the stones on the
beach were warm and your sea was so sparkly and irresistible.
IMG_5980there are a few different areas of the amalfi coast to visit,
but for our first time we settled on seeing sorrento. it’s
so accessible from naples and a good taste of the coast.
weaving in and out of the shops + gelato stands on the
streets here was one of my favorite memories together.
amalfi coast3the town is bright and pretty and ideal for wandering on the way to the beach.
IMG_5985the size of the lemons here is crazy! every other shop is just
lemon products- lemon soaps, lemon tablecloths, lemon candies,
paintings of lemons, fresh-squeezed lemonade…basically all things happy.
amalfi coast12
IMG_6051IMG_5974amalfi coast10 IMG_5926IMG_6024IMG_5993^^ seriously though, those lemons!!
IMG_6065we stopped in for lunch on the rooftop of the plaza hotel
 right in town for a quick lunch even though we weren’t staying.
amalfi coast8we planned out some of our day while sipping on virgin
piña coladas and tropical drinks, taking in the views ^^
IMG_5949it was getting so hot out, but we had to order pasta dishes! (when in italy)
IMG_5950IMG_5953IMG_5963we went for a quick dip in their rooftop pool to cool off, 
amalfi coast11then it was down to the actual sea! most of the beach access
is private here since there isn’t much of a sand beach, but
you can gain access through hotels or by paying for a chair.
amalfi coast1just the walk down itself is stunning!
amalfi coast2we came across a hybrid orange & lime tree ^^ amazing!
amalfi coast4wandering through the stone paths down to the ocean
is a definite must here. beautiful views all around. ^^

amalfi coast5we even saw the prettiest wedding coming out
of a sorrento church…dream wedding destination!

IMG_5969 amalfi coast7 amalfi coast9we had one of the greatest gelato stops of our life on a random
little street here. we stumbled into raki, and an italian man
outside of the shop advised us to get mascarpone flavor with
pine nuts and caramel. umm, it was what dreams are made of.

amalfi coast13 IMG_5966 IMG_5975 IMG_5978okay i think it’s clear that i could not get over
the lemon theme here … it was my dream come true!

IMG_5979 IMG_5983 IMG_5986IMG_5984 friends + family, be ready for lots of lemon-themed gifts
this christmas … they were too tempting not to stock up on!

IMG_5997amalfi coasti could not get enough of this town or this area. the best
part of the day was, we got down here for only a few euro each
by taking the circumvesuviana train from naples. most websites
and guides will recommend a personal driver to take you down to
the coast…and although that is a convenient option, it’s great to know
that you can take a train as a day trip for a lot less $. just be careful of
pickpockets as it leaves naples! :) we know that our short visit did not do
the amalfi coast justice, so we hope to return..but we loved our taste of it.