meandering through munich

meandering through munich

spend some time in munich and you will immediately feel
that it is alive. so much is happening and being created here.
it’s happy, lively, loud (especially if there’s a soccer game going
on…) and welcoming. this might be due to the many biergartens,
the accessible location that brings in a lot of visitors, or the
great bavarian culture and people. either way, it’s a great
city to come to with no plans. just make friends, chat with
strangers, walk around, and see where the wind takes you. 

IMG_3719we were welcomed at our cute hotel by the tourism board,
who left the most darling things for us. my favorite is the
slogan “munich loves you.” well i love you too, munich!
^^ also, notice the cute little german rubber ducky!
munichwe were staying at the charming hotel laimer hof, which is full of character.
the hotel may have had small rooms and beds + no AC on a hot day, but it
felt authentic and full of charm..especially with these haribo candies on the pillow :)
munich1the neighborhood of our hotel was local and picturesque.
i took a walk around the block and snapped so many photos
on my phone. i want this hydrangea courtyard with bikes!
IMG_3722our hotel was a bit older and it’s not right in
city center, but the advantage is that it’s near the
nymphenburg castle, one of our favorite stops.
IMG_3733after checking in we walked right on over to schloss nymphenburg.
IMG_3735the grounds were nice, but the real beauty lies inside.
IMG_3737with most castles & palaces i like to see the outside and
skip the entrance line + fee to tour the inside, but here it
is worth taking the time and paying to go inside. it is so
spectacular and worth seeing. we knew we weren’t going to
tour the inside of neuschwanstein later in the week, so we
decided to do this one instead. we were happy about that choice.

IMG_3740the huge windows immediately drew me in with
the glorious light they let in. it lit up the entire palace.

IMG_3760i really wish the pictures did justice to this grand palace.
it was so captivating in the light that was coming through
the big windows, and our short tour turned into a longer stop
as we wandered through from room to room in amazement. again, i
think this happens when we have little to no expectations for something…
it makes us enjoy it more, since we haven’t built it up in our minds.
^^the yellow room and the mint + gold paneled walls were two
favorites of mine. the wallpaper below was another favorite:
IMG_3761 IMG_3747this hallway took my breath away. those royals knew how to decorate!
munich6 IMG_3764 IMG_3758i finally let chase leave only under the condition that he
promised we could have this same mint + gold wall in our
future home one day. he agreed (he had no choice)!

IMG_3768we had tickets for the gray line hop on & off bus,
so we walked right outside and caught the one at the
castle. it was lucky timing because the buses come out to
the castle less often. it was the ideal way to go into central
munich with some info and history along the way.

IMG_3772 IMG_3775we stopped at BMW headquarters, the olympic park, and a
few other sights that are a little more outside of the city center.
IMG_3783we hopped off here at this pretty siegestor “victory gate”
and decided to get some walking in as we explored munich.
munich10IMG_3915munich13we found ourselves in marienplatz before too long.
our appetites had worked up from the walking and
were ready for some good hearty german food.

munich15we found it! rurenburger bratwürstglockl
is one of the original bratwurst houses and sits right in the
shadow of the frauenkirche cathedral. it’s such a pretty setting
on a summer night. by the time we were eating the weather was
cooling down a bit, and a soccer match was going the
terrace and main floor were PACKED with rowdy fans drinking
beer and cheering. it was quite the german scene! we took it in
and then decided to sneak upstairs to eat in the quiet dining room
overlooking the mayhem. it was perfect and we ordered way too much!

munich18the cozy upper room where we ate ^^
IMG_3933we walked around for a while after dinner with full stomachs.
we thought we were full until we spotted this sign:

IMG_3812…and knew we had to find room because the smell coming
out of mr. pancake was just too good to pass up!

IMG_3813IMG_3818 we had the bavarian apple pancakes and i am still dreaming of them.
i need to figure out how to make these! they seem simple, but we talked to
the owner and she said it took years of perfecting the texture and technique.
she cooks the pancake halfway, then slides apple slices into the center and
cooks it the rest of the way. they are so heavenly and a MUST-TRY here.

IMG_3816pancakes are offered from all over the world..any style you can think of!
along with being delicious, these pancakes are made with love by the
cutest couple all olga & alex. they use all fresh ingredients, (they don’t
even have a microwave!) and even offer delivery for their pancakes.

IMG_3823somehow we kept finding room and tried this nutella banana
thicker pancake. how did we eat all of this? i guess dessert
really is an entirely separate stomach :) it has to be!

IMG_3820IMG_3824when the owner brought out one last pancake style for
us to try we had to throw in the towel, but took them to go.
(they were filled with cream cheese and to-die-for).

IMG_3828we walked home and caught the tram after taking in the last of the
glowing sunset after a full day in munich. the next day was all planned
for neuschwanstein, and we had no idea what was coming …
haha watch for that tomorrow! it’s an entertaining one.

bye for now, münchen!