interlaken, switzerland

interlaken, switzerland

after a relaxing few days spent in northern italy, it was onto
one of my favorite places on earth: switzerland! i was especially
excited this time since it would be chase’s first visit to this
practically perfect country. coming from como, the easiest
place to have a home base for a few days of adventuring was
interlaken. like the name suggests, this town is situated in
between two lakes and is accessible to some of the best little
swiss mountain towns. it is full of tourists in the summer, but
for good reason. we arrived and headed to one of the original
backpackers hostels in all of europe: balmer’s herberge. it’s
just exactly the way every european hostel should be, and
really well known – definitely one of my favorites!
IMG_3136hello, little swiss cabin where i want to live forever ^^
IMG_3110and hello to our room in this swiss cabin that i never wanted to leave ^^
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hello window view, one of the reasons i could happily live here ^^

IMG_3105all situated on this happy street, with alp views too ^^
IMG_3144IMG_3508after getting settled in at balmer’s if was off to enjoy the pretty
town of interlaken before lots of adventure in the coming days.

IMG_3557so classically swiss, ^^ so perfect.
IMG_3157those rolling clouds in the hills were the prettiest thing ^^
interlaken, switzerland5
interlaken, switzerland2^^ just making friends with the local animals ;)
IMG_3146IMG_3613the two lakes the interlaken sits between, luke thun & lake brienz are
the prettiest color you’ll ever see. i wish the pictures showed it even
better! we planned to go boating on one while here, but we ended up
having other adventures…next time we are coming & floating all day here!

IMG_3605IMG_3507at any given moment you can look at the sky and expect to see
paragliders dotting it. what a view that must be with the mountains,
green valley, and fluffy clouds. again, something to return for!

interlaken, switzerlandbalmer’s restaurant decorated with cowbells ^^
IMG_3517^^ the sky here is just so pretty, in any light or any weather.

interlaken, switzerland1one day i will have flower boxes coming out my windows like the swiss do ^^
interlaken, switzerland6our first of many bratwursts as we would head through switzerland
and into germany from here ^^ it fueled us for the next day of activity,
which i can’t wait to post about next! it’s a bike ride for all bucket lists.