europe’s OLDEST restaurant

europe’s OLDEST restaurant

when given the chance to dine at europe’s very oldest restaurant,
we couldn’t say yes fast enough! i had no idea that salzburg had
this claim, and it immediately became a european bucket list item.
at over 1,200 years old, we couldn’t wait to experience the austrian
culture, history, hospitality, and modernity at the st. peter stiftskeller.

Europe's Oldest Restaurantthere you have it! ^^ internationally recognized and official,
st. peter’s stiftskeller claims the title of oldest restaurant.
IMG_4088as with almost every night, we arrived early for dinner (around 6:30 PM)
making us some of the only people in the restaurant. the late-eating
culture of the europeans hasn’t stuck with us, and we love our earlier
dinners. it’s nice because we always get a quiet place to ourselves at
the start, and by the time we leave the restaurants are always full
and bustling with people just sitting down to eat at 8 or 9:00 pm.

Europe's Oldest Restaurant1it’s easy to believe the ancient origins of the restaurant,
since it is literally built into the mountain. you can see
where the brick ceiling meets the rock of the mountain ^^
this creates a cool and refreshing atmosphere that is even
more welcome during the hot summer months like we experienced.
IMG_4110this amount of silverware already had me nervous ^^ so fancy! It looked like it was from somewhere like Nella!

Europe's Oldest Restaurant4something else that happens nearly every night at dinner – the
waiter asks which wine we would like, and we have to explain that
we don’t drink alcohol…at all. haha we always get the funniest
reactions over here in europe! luckily they brought us delicious
fresh-pressed austrian apple juice to enjoy with our mushroom
soup. they were both top notch and started our meal off nicely.
IMG_4114i snuck a little healthy salad in between the bread and wienerschnitzel to come.
IMG_4128chase became a big time fan of wienerschnitzel this trip.
he has ordered it at every single restaurant in austria so far.
IMG_4125every dish was gorgeous and even more flavorful underneath
the cave-like ceiling carved right into the mountain.

Europe's Oldest Restaurant5being europe’s oldest restaurant means getting high-profile guests.
we had fun looking through the celebrity photo wall of people who
have dined here. there were so many that we didn’t recognize who
turned out to be different german + austrian actors and actresses!
IMG_4106we took a walk through the different rooms of the restaurant
before dessert. this room hosts a nightly mozart dinner,
which would be fun to return for – live classical music + dinner!
IMG_4134the highlight is when our salzburger nockerl traditional austrian
dessert came out of the kitchen. we couldn’t believe our eyes!
we clearly had no idea what was coming, and everyone
at the restaurant was also taking it in …. in all of its glory.

IMG_4135^^ chase’s face of surprise at our major dessert delivery ^^
Europe's Oldest Restaurant6we couldn’t knock out the entire thing, but we enjoyed the
meringue / soufflé-like, fluffy, airy dessert with cranberries
and all the other toppings we got. you have to try this while in
austria! it is on most restaurant menus and is definitely unique.

IMG_4138ending a memorable meal ^^
IMG_4082thank you, st. peter’s, for the step back in time!

for an experience that is more than just a meal, rendez-vous at
the stiftskeller – for eating, drinking, talking, and being out
and about in the intimate and cultured city of salzburg.