CANYONING in switzerland

CANYONING in switzerland

does anyone feel tired of europe post after europe post
on here? i kinda do! we are loving it all, but i do realize it’s
a lot at once as we document and share it as we go. it’s a little
overwhelming, just like it is for us on the road to have so many new
places and beautiful things crammed in one after another. i guess it’s
all part of this adventure we bought into, and i know i’ll be SO happy to
have all of these at the end :) also, i promise we have some real life updates
coming at you soon and we will be settling somewhere so .. stay tuned for that!

in the meantime, here is another adventure – but i promise it’s a good one.
if you haven’t noticed, i’m a little behind on the blog (we did this canyoning
a few weeks ago) but i’m slowly posting them all in order and eventually we’ll be
back up to speed like i prefer! in the meantime, follow on instagram which is a bit
more up to date. i just love being able to share my adventures with all of my followers, especially on Instagram. it could increase the chance of people being interested in my trips if they see them through pictures, and they could be inspired to try something new as a result. but, I would love nothing more than to do this on a more regular basis and to do so, I would need to look at increasing my Instagram followers first, so it gives me a sense of encouragement to carry on. who knew that Instagram had so many life-changing possibilities? and i should probably also mention snapchat because for some
reason i love that app now and have been over-posting on it all summer. it gives
a taste of what we’re doing at any given moment and i snap away at emidunnrigby.
IMG_3496today we’re taking you CANYONING in the swiss alps!
it was one of the best and craziest things we’ve done while in europe,
and something we will remember forever. we had no idea what we were
getting ourselves into beforehand, which was probably a good thing :)
it was such a rush and something chase and i both loved. we recommend
it for adventure lovers as a way to get up close and personal with the alps!
i don’t have the best photos from this (mostly blurry gopro screenshots..)
so instead i’ll let the video do the talking. see our canyoning here:

this video makes me have butterflies just like i did rapelling / cliff jumping!
watching it back i can’t believe we were doing those things, but in the moment
there’s no choice and the guides are so great + encouraging. our guides would
tell us exactly where and how to jump, and once we were all safely down a slot
they would flip and dive off the spots we were scared to even jump off! they
were pros so we felt very safe in their hands. they will keep you laughing!

i had a few moments on top of higher cliff jumps where i didn’t
want to go, but they ended up being my favorites. it was one of
those times where you just think — “you only live once!” let’s do it!

CANYONING4i was excited for the rappel since i’ve rappelled plenty
before thanks to my crazy mountain-loving mom, so
i went first feeling very confident until i got over the edge
and saw the drop into a waterfall! ha, by then there was no going
back… so i led the way and was happy when i made it to the bottom.

CANYONING6a few of the canyon jumps are shallow, so you have to jump
in certain ways to land safely. for this one we had to jump out and
fling our head back so we could land flat – haha i was so bad at it as
you can see! it’s basically like a big back flop and so funny to watch.
CANYONING7^^ the little slides are so fun. just remember to hold your breath
because on most of them you will go underwater at the end!

CANYONING8and here is our guide casually swan diving into the narrow canyon ^^
IMG_3150we had the best experience from start to finish with

outdoor interlaken and highly recommend them for this &
other fun activities here in interlaken. it was also so conveniently
located right next to where we
were staying at balmer’s herberge.
IMG_3175after all that adventure we took a hot shower, dried off,
and made our way to a well-deserved dinner at beau rivage.
IMG_3523it’s aptly named with the gorgeous setting right on the beautiful river ^^

CANYONING3the mountain air and river breeze felt amazing, and
we enjoyed one of the best meals after our 4-hour canyoning.
IMG_3531fresh bread with all different dipping options started us off ^^
IMG_3537tomato soup has never tasted better than in that chilly mountain
air after a long summer spent in the european heat wave! ^^
IMG_3545i also loved my fresh salad with perfectly grilled chicken.

it sounds simple, but after a lot of cheap meals eaten on the
road the past few weeks, all i wanted was some fresh veggies,
grilled chicken, and avocado. we miss cooking in our kitchen at
home, so this simple salad tasted perfect and hit the spot.
CANYONING10 chase went for some ahi tuna –– always a great choice.
IMG_3539 IMG_3548CANYONING1we ended with a chocolate milkshake and
vanilla bean ice cream paired with olive oil + sea salt (AMAZING).
IMG_3515this day was a good one! see outdoor interlaken for more info on
canyoning, and thank you to the lindner beau rivage for having us to dinner!