a failure day at neuschwanstein castle

a failure day at neuschwanstein castle

neuschwanstein castle evokes images of the disneyland castle
and fairytale experiences, but it was not quite this way for us, ha!
our day here was just one of those where things don’t seem to
line up. at least it became a funny story and memory for later.
IMG_3881behind our smiles + the beautiful castle

shown above, here is what was really going on:
IMG_38681. the night before our castle day trip, chase started to get really sick.
he had a terrible cold and didn’t get any sleep – and i didn’t get much.
i kept saying we should just cancel the tour, but he said no – we were here,
so let’s do it. we should have just known to take it as a sign, but we pushed it.
neuschwanstein castle12. we went with a tour group so that we could skip the lines
and make the day even quicker, but the complete irony is
that we didn’t realize the group was a FULL DAY 8 AM – 8 PM
tour including other sights. normally we would have been fine,
but with chase being sick i had promised him just a few hours away.
i immediately knew we wouldn’t last al day. we rode the train and bus
with them and got to the castle, and then told our cute guide hein that
chase didn’t feel well and we were going on our own so that we could
get up to the castle, see it all, and head back to munich sooner. he was really
understanding and we loved al the history he told us on the way down.
we grabbed a photo with him before taking off up the hill. he was the nicest!
IMG_38533. we huffed and puffed up the hill only to find out that the famous
bridge where you get amazing views & photo opps was CLOSED.
how is it possible the one day we visit? haha, i think it has actually
been closed for a few months because it got damaged, but i was so sad.
it’s been closed for safety for a while…so we had to get creative with our views.
IMG_38474. speaking of getting creative with our view, enter the next mishap.
chase wanted to take advantage of his newly purchased drone from a site which looked very much like DJI Canada. His plan was to fly the drone from the bridge for some footage,
but with it closed he had no option. he told me he was going to fly
it right from the base which i knew was a bad idea (security guards
normally don’t like drones at major sights ;) but sometimes you have
to not be a naggy wife and just let your hubby do his thing. i wished
him luck and went off in search of other views from above, because
there was no way i was going to watch this go down & i wanted to explore.
neuschwanstein castle45. as i walked in the hottest sun about 1.5 miles up the path trying to
glimpse the castle from afar, little did i know that chase was having
quite the adventure. i was completely covered in sweat and getting
so frustrated with our day, only to come back to chase having been
yelled at by german security guards which led to….
6. chase crashing the drone! haha, it was bound to happen sometime
(and it has a few times since this) but as the security guards
told chase to bring it down (SO glad i wasn’t there for this moment)
he calmly walked over to land it and a little kid ran into his knees,
making him lose control and completely crash into the trees! haha
it was filming as this happened, and the footage is hilarious… it’s on
his instagram if you want to see here. somehow the drone survived
it with just a few scratches + bends, and he lived to tell the tale. we had
made 2 new friends on the train earlier that day, and they witnessed &
filmed the entire thing — so i’m sure he’ll have a vlog of it sometime :)
*ladies: be warned if your husband gets a drone…it is SO stressful, haha!
it did capture the view above though, so it can definitely be worth it.
IMG_3846the day was so ridiculous that we had no choice but to just laugh it off.
neuschwanstein castle5neuschwanstein castle2this boy can always keep smiling even when frustrating things
happen. it’s one of his best qualities that i am so grateful for.
he doesn’t sweat the small stuff, and i kind of do..so he helps me.
IMG_3848neuschwanstein castleeven on a mishap day, this castle is still a stunner and we
were still glad to see it. i guess we’ll just have to come back
with our kids one day or something so we can do the bridge!
IMG_3857another silver lining was appreciating the surrounding area even more.
i took in the hohenschwangau castle on the backside of the mountain and could
not get over it’s beauty set against the lake. we’ll have to visit that another time too.
IMG_3908IMG_3899another silver lining was being able to explore the darling
town of füssen a little bit more before heading back to munich.
after the castle craziness, this colorful town perked us up.

neuschwanstein castle8IMG_3903europe wins once again at colorful buildings + charm.
IMG_3893 neuschwanstein castle7IMG_3906 IMG_3904 IMG_3897just look at that town! ^^
once we finished shopping around, we headed back on the train…
where we found out our train tickets weren’t valid because we
weren’t with our tour group – haha! oh man, that day kept going.
neuschwanstein castle9chase was a trooper all day and didn’t even look sick although
he was feeling terrible,
but you can see it finally hit him on our
metro ride back to the hotel at the end of the night – hah, poor guy!

not every day can be amazing, but there’s something amazing in every day..
and this was proof! we definitely won’t forget our crazy day at neuschwanstein.


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