well-cared spotlight: BAFF

well-cared spotlight: BAFF

hi! today we have a wellcared non-profit feature that i’m so excited to share!
as we travel around, we try to link up with amazing groups who are making
their community + the world more beautiful. this helps us connect to places,
learn more about issues, get involved, and share great movements! we
partner up through our nonprofit wellcared.org, provide any help or
services, and highlight them here on the blog to spread awareness.


chase and i were both touched by the spirit of the baltics. for an area
a difficult past, this region has bounced back with such strength
and vitality and it’s an amazing place to visit. we made sure to stop
into occupation museums and sights in each capital, and contrast
those sobering visits with strolls down the lively streets of today.
this area is so unique to travel to because of this, and it made
excited to look into non-profits and groups in the area.

for our wellcared spotlight in this area we chose BAFF:
the baltic-american freedom foundation. pretty fitting!

this foundation is seen as a perpetual commitment
of the united states to
the independence, prosperity,
and strength of estonia, latvia, and lithuania.
11217514_1037542512942830_323341859426179830_n to quote the mission statement:

“the baltic-american freedom foundation (BAFF) mission is “to enrich the
ties between the united states and latvia, lithuania, and estonia, through
programs of education and exchange centering on economic growth and
democratic processes. visibly strengthening U.S.-baltic ties is a core goal.”

to form that connection and commitment, this foundation provides
scholarships to young baltic nationals for graduate study in the US,
internships in US companies for recent graduates, and chances for
academics to conduct research projects in the U.S.

that’s definitely something we can get behind!

between our love of education after doing TFA, to our experiences
traveling and loving people in all areas, we think this mission is
so important. we learned a lot in these areas about the people and
history, and we feel so much more connected to helping the positive
state of today’s baltics continue – through supporting their youth!

we talked with this foundation and have offered our wellcared services
for different website and marketing needs, and in the meantime we got
some more information on how others can help and contribute. information
on BAFF scholarships are below, as well as internship opportunities.
11855887_1037543239609424_5690939560720858518_n for students and recent grads, 
BAFF scholarships are available for:

  • high school students entering grade 12 for the summer leadership academy in the U.S.
  • university students and recent graduates to intern for U.S. companies on the professional internship program
  • post graduate students to attend U.S. universities on the graduate scholarship program‪

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 10.23.56 PMemployers in the U.S. can hire international interns from the baltics on a
volunteer basis – paying no fee or salary. BAFF is a free internship placement
service with interns who are unpaid…this is a win-win for companies in need of interns!
Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 10.23.41 PM
my favorite part of #BAFF‬ is the above-mentioned leadership academy opportunity
which sends estonian, latvian and lithuanian students abroad to the US for a
memorable learning experience involving a course in international entrepreneurship &
real-life case studies with american companies. the goal is for them to take what they’ve
learned back to their communities and to create new businesses there. how great is that?
Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 10.24.06 PM
you can see a great video that was made following elizabete, a high schooler
from latvia who spent time in the US this summer to learn about entrepreneurship
and engages with a new culture through BAFF’s leadership academy. you can also
see a fun article here about the impact some of these students have made!

this organization, which began after the fall of the soviet union to
encourage cultural and economic exchange between the U.S. and
the baltic states, is one that we support and feel inspired by.
we gained a love for the people in this area and we respect their
toughness, eagerness, willingness to learn, + new path they are creating.

join us in learning more about them, donating to scholarships, or
spreading the word about internship placements! as always, if
you are interested in becoming a wellcared.org volunteer, let us
know in the comments. (our website is under repair at the moment :)

thanks for reading and supporting, and here’s to making
the world more beautiful…today, with BAFF.


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