varenna •• lake como

varenna •• lake como

after exploring every inch of bellagio, we took a short ferry to the
east shore of lake como. here we would experience the unique
town of varenna. this place has a similar charm to bellagio, but
the scenery, lower prices, and more relaxed pace are where you
will feel the difference. it’s also a bit easier to access, as it’s on
the edge of the lake with a train station right in town.
one of our favorite things about varenna is how small it is.
there’s not much to do other than people watch, swim, maybe
rent a little boat (as we attempted to do..) and stroll the tiny lanes.
this made is fun to visit, but i think i’d recommend staying in a bit
more lively town like bellagio, and then day tripping over here.
IMG_3034it was a treat to hop on the ferry from bellagio, enjoy
the breeze, and arrive to a completely unique lakeside town.

IMG_3083Varenna2promise i have a suit on here! ;) ^^
IMG_3044IMG_3079after a hot & muggy day, we had plans to rent a boat in the evening
and i was dying to be out on the water. i talked about it all day!
mother nature had other plans when rainclouds started to gather
right around 5:00 PM as we walked to the boat rental!

IMG_3040 yes there were rainclouds looming, but i thought the sun would win out.
IMG_3061 IMG_3062i still hopefully climbed aboard the boat as chase talked to
the guys at the boat rental, but after the rough translation
came through of: “very, very dangerous storm” chase said
we couldn’t do it. as i reluctantly stepped off the boat thinking
they were being overly cautious, raindrops began to fall and
suddenly we were in the craziest storm! these kind of moments
always feel fake when it rains SO hard out of nowhere, but there
we were soaking wet and ducking for cover at the nearest pizzeria. 

IMG_3159i wish i had taken a video of the rain, but it was hammering
the roofs and wind was blowing in huge gusts as lots of travelers
huddled underneath the patio seating of a waterfront restaurant
that we had no choice but to order in, unless we wanted to get soaked!

so nilus bar right on the water it was…and luckily, it ended up being
great! after lots of nights of pasta we ordered two huge pizzas and
somehow ate both in one sitting…probably could have done with one!
Varenna6…but when you’re in italy, caught in the rain, and waiting it out
in a cafe with the smell of pizza wafting, there’s really no other choice.
Varenna3things cleared up later that night, showing us the fast
and intense summer showers that can happen here.

Varenna4^^ chase matched the walls as we wandered to our airbnb..
Como1and he got in one quick drone flying session before the rain
began again and we went into our tiny rented room for the night.
(i’ll post lots of his vlogs soon when he gets them uploaded,
because this drone footage was some of the best!)

it was on to switzerland from here – coming next!