stepping into STOCKHOLM

stepping into STOCKHOLM

stockholm is a city that has been at the tip top of my list for a long time.
i’ve always been excited to visit scandinavia, and especially sweden!
IMG_1503expectations + circumstance are major aspects of travel that can make
or break experiences. we had heard so many great things about this
city, so our expectations were sky-high. our circumstances were also
setting us up, as we were coming from INCREDIBLE norway and
the sweden farm, + reaching our one month mark on the road
which = some fatigue. all of these things added up to a bit of a letdown
upon arrival, if we’re being honest! it was stormy and cold and a very
confusing city (i had no idea it was made up of lots of islands!)
IMG_1545over the three days we visited this completely changed and we saw
all of the amazing sides, but it did take some time to grow on us.

we experienced stockholm through basically every means of transportation –
walking, metro, segway (ha!), running, kayaking, speedboating, biking, and running,
so i feel like we connected with it. that post with all of the activity is coming, but for
now here are some highlights of stockholm (a bit all over the place, sorry!)IMG_1525stockholm has the greatest old town just across the river.IMG_1418it’s one of my favorite things how even big european cities
still preserve their old town and keep cobblestone roads, etc.IMG_1512the details of cities are the things i notice and love most! ^^stockholm12this old town area is not at all how i pictured stockholm, but
i loved it all the same! sometimes it’s good to be surprised by a city.
one of the benefits of travel is the unexpected and the chance to discover
because it breaks us out of routine and it’s good for our minds :)stockholm15^^ i would like my address to be painted just like that one day, thank you very much!stockholm11stockholm14antique stores + old map stores. it doesn’t get more charming.IMG_1667we made it into the golden hall in stadhuset, stockholm’s city hall.stockholm21 this was a highlight of stockholm for me, and i think it’s missed by many
because you have to come at certain times for the tour in your language, and
be guided all the way through until this hall at the end of the hour long tour.
you can’t venture on your own as it’s a government building, but it was our last
day and we had a train in a few hours so we got clever and joined a portuguese tour
midway through our english tour so that we could swing in and see this stunning
room in time! ha, had to get clever but it was so worth it! don’t miss this.
IMG_1471speaking of trains, how gorgeous is the central station? we stayed right
nearby here so we got to walk through this hall each time we took the metro.IMG_1651 if you can, try to make it to the royal palace here to watch the daily
procession of the guards. they march right through city center and just
take over the streets! this would never fly in the USA every day, right?
IMG_1546^^^ how about the royal theatre? my favorite building here!IMG_1529IMG_1547IMG_1659please find one of these swedish rope candy stands and stock up.
they are such a rip off at 3 euro each, but the sour raspberry one lasted us
a good 3 days and we were both so obsessed with it it’s a little embarrassing!IMG_1454 first, i think he is so cute in this picture (sorry, sue me!)
second, about 30 seconds after this picture was snapped, the skies
opened and a torrential downpour began. i really couldn’t believe what
was happening, it was that fast and that intense! we were in the worst place
possible with no covering in sight since we had been strolling the water from
the photography gallery — so as we SPRINTED through the rain and my soaking
wet jeans started sagging off me i could not help but laugh so hard i was hiccuping
and by the time we made it to a little covering and huddled with other people we
were a soaking wet mess! how the camera and phone weren’t ruined is beyond me.

IMG_1441 safe and dry getting a steamed milk with honey at the photography top floor café –
(one of the best spots to eat in the city, with amazing design and even better views!)
stockholm1the actual museum itself was nice, but remember you’re in europe … and
in liberal stockholm … because there are mostly galleries with photos
that show a lot of the human body if you catch my drift ;) we stuck with
the gorgeous floral exhibit, enjoyed the top floor bistro and called it good.stockholm3IMG_1444stockholm4IMG_1656while we waited for the storm to pass, i looked in my bag and randomly had
a swedish fish candy in there- haha! truly no idea how it got there, but it was
too perfect and i had to take a picture of a swedish fish in sweden of course!
(no one in sweden even knows that these are haha) 

IMG_1450 yes i am wearing chase’s rain jacket because we are running out of
new clothes to wear and also i forgot mine this day! does anyone else
share clothes with their husband or is that just me? :)

stockholm6 after all of the mayhem of rain, wet jeans, wet hair etc.. we were so happy to be
staying centrally at the radisson blu waterfront hotel. radisson is not a hotel chain
i’ve stayed in often in the US, but this radisson blu line through europe is in a league
of its own. we’ve started seeing them in every city, and noticed how centrally located
and nice they are. we had breakfast at one in norway and after that i decided i needed
to stay in one somewhere in europe! we were welcomed by this property and it was the
best place to stay in stockholm for us. we had a view of stockholm which finally started
to help me get my bearings, and we could walk right downstairs to the metro..bonus!

IMG_1468 being welcomed with fruit + chocolate made me forget that i was soaking wet!
IMG_1469 and this view out of our window once the sun broke really won me over ^^stockholm13IMG_1551we ventured out to some other museums and parks in the pretty
weather, which made the city a completely different place!IMG_1647 the nordic museum was an interesting stop full of the history of scandinavia,
including furniture, clothes, art and different artifacts from the region.
stockholm20it was a quick stop here, but we always like to learn more about the history
and traditions of a place. my favorite swedish tradition is midsummer!

IMG_1680IMG_1498we ventured back into old town to visit the nobel museum (after visiting the
nobel peace center in oslo). the nobel prizes are actually awarded each year in
stockholm, so it was a treat to see the museum right there in the city.stockholm16the museum was more about nobel’s life and the origins of the prize.stockholm18one of the most interesting things was nobel’s original will instructing the majority of his
fortune to go toward this prize awarding those who have “conferred great benefits on mankind.”
stockholm17the museum is really well done and worth visiting, especially as a compliment to
the peace center we toured in oslo. i loved the hundreds of quotes lining the walls
from nobel recipients, and especially the one on the right which rings very true for us
right now with so much uncertain  – it does keep us young and enjoying the process of life!stockholm10stockholm8stockholm22since we’d been enjoying a lot of scandinavian food (and had a swedish meatball lunch
coming the next day), we took advantage of having a wagamama nearby and i took
chase for his first time. i think this european asian fusion chain is a touch overrated,
but it is a classic from my time in london and i was excited for chase to try it.
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetsee our favorite stockholm museum here, and a day with stockholm adventures here.
&& VLOG here:

off to finland!