staying at a chateau in milan

staying at a chateau in milan

i know that blog post title is ridiculously casual…but
it’s not every day you get to stay in a chateau in the middle of
a major city! milan is one of the only big italian cities i’ve never
been to, and we arrived here so excited to shop, eat our weight
in italian food, see all the sights, & stay at the chateau monfort.

IMG_2504no, that’s not our hotel ^^ (haha) that is the famous milan duomo
which was mind-blowingly large and stunning in person.

IMG_2588we were welcomed to chateau monfort and so happy to be there.
italy just does things right, and this place was no exception.
i was so excited to be able to stay and write about it!
IMG_2470we had just two days planned in milan, so our list was short and sweet.
shopping was high up there as milan is the fashion capital, and also
because we were running low on clothes due to limited backpack space :)
the duomo and other main sights were on the list, and most importantly
amazing italian food needed to be consumed ASAP. we were successful!
Milan17we checked in feeling like royalty, and took some time
to cool down, enjoy the building, and freshen up.

IMG_2486it was off to the duomo (a 20 minute walk along
the best shopping streets from our hotel) first.
IMG_2513the detail as you get up close is the most incredible part.
IMG_2501definitely the least incredible part is the men who scatter bird seed
all around you as you’re taking pictures here. i guess they think we
want a photo with pigeons flying, but that is in fact the last thing i want
and I yelled at a guy to stop because pigeons are the worst! haha just NO! I swear those anti bird netting companies like Apex Bird Control need to be worldwide.Milan14the inside is pretty, but we were bigger fans of the exterior.
Milan10from the duomo it was time to shop, and we had an important mission.
Milan11chase recently became a huge fan of linen shirts after i got him one
for his birthday, and now it’s all he will wear. ever since we arrived
to europe he has told me every day that he wanted a light blue linen
shirt (seriously, every day). we had looked in probably 30 stores in
10 different countries and it was becoming comical how hard it was
to find. they’d have one in a weird shade or it would be perfect but
they wouldn’t have his size..things like that! i kept telling him we
would find one in italy because a blue linen shirt screams italian
to me, and after about an hour and a half we walked in and
DING DING! we had a winner! we found the perfect blue linen
shirt and it made this guy so happy. the catch was that it was one
of those tricky stores where it was the SAME price to buy one or
two shirts, so chase walked away with a blue and tan linen shirt.
even better – and he got them just in time for classy lake como!
Milan13i thought long and hard about this little red dress, but in the
end decided it wasn’t a must in my limited backpack space
and i decided to go back to the hotel and eat macarons. very
acceptable choice because i’d rather eat than shop most days :)

IMG_2593milan was very hot, but not as crowded since the crowds escape the city
and because europeans know how to take month-long summer vacations.
we had these cute cable cars almost to ourselves, and they made us miss
SF since the city has cable cars from all over the world that run there,
including this exact one from milan. we were glad to get to ride it here!
Milan1we had a quick stop through google italy, which of course
had a fork with pasta on it as part of the logo. naturally!
(on the right is milan’s train station, not the google office :)

Milan8after a little more wandering we were SO ready for a good
italian meal. we found it right under our nose at the chateau
where the chef is going after a michelin star so there you have it!

IMG_2527heart shaped chairs and an italian dining room.
i think this can count for a few years worth of anniversary
dinners for us chase, you are off the hook after this meal!

IMG_2536we started with the caprese salad, and when it came out
with cheese the size of my head i knew this was a good place.
Milan5i daresay this was my favorite meal of europe so far: ^^ cacio e pepe at
monfourt. it’s the simplest dish, but when it’s done right it’s heaven.

IMG_2546chase had a fresh tomato-basil pasta that again was so simple
but so spot on. the freshness of the ingredients can’t be beat.

IMG_2548the chef also had us try out his specialty ravioli
bursting with flavor and branching out a bit. ^^
Milan7the desserts were the grand finale, the highlight being the chef’s
homemade take on the classic italian children’s biscuit + ice cream ^^

IMG_2576the walk home after this dinner wasn’t too far at all..
just up a gorgeous staircase and down the hall!
Milan6back in the room i put the bubble bath to good use and reveled
in my food coma from one of the best meals of my life.
ps.. if there is a robe in my hotel i will ALWAYS wear it.

IMG_2519after sleeping so restfully for the first time in weeks, we went
on a quick walk around before our NEXT meal: italian breakfast.

IMG_2577this was without question the best breakfast setup of any
hotel this summer. it was full of delicious and darling things.

IMG_2579these cereal containers + dishes are the cutest things! ^^
IMG_2584i did opt for a bit of healthier fruit + yogurt after the previous night’s meal …
Milan2…until i got to the warm croissants and chocolate cake.
i love italy for doing things like serving chocolate cake at breakfast time.
Milan12how about those dishes on the wall? ^^^ can i move in here?
IMG_2597after flying into milan and giving it a quick go, we escaped
the heat of the city and headed to lake como on the train.
it is as amazing as we dreamed, and it’s coming next!


*thank you to the chateau monfourt for welcoming us for this feature stay.
all italian food & chateau loving opinions remain our own! :)