one month of life on the road

one month of life on the road

hi and happy august!! it is crazy that we’ve officially been backpacking europe for one month as of today!
on july 1st we packed all of our belongings into storage and left on a one-way flight, and so far we’ve done 10 countries
with lots more to come. we’ve been soaking up this rare time that we can do this before the next thing, and we
know how extremely lucky it is to be full-time traveling for a few months. it’s not all glamorous making trains,
planes, and buses to new places every day – but the memories we’re making are so worth it and i’ve never been happier.
adventures are foreveramen to that! ^^ i’ll choose experiences over things any day! ?✈️❤️

a few thoughts from my journal at one month on the road, and some random pictures below:

— the other day i was filling out a form which asked for my address and it dawned on me that we literally do not have one right now…just different hotels each night! kind of crazy, but kind of great! no place to call home, but every place to call home.

— we’re at the point where 2 nights in the same hotel feels like a luxury because we are hopping around so much..ha!

– 99% of the time neither of us have any idea what day of the week it is. how refreshing is that? (except sunday..we’ve been lucky to make it to church every single week here, planning to be in cities with nearby wards! that has been the best)

— even though we are soaking up this time on the road, i find myself daily thinking of something about being settled that i cannot WAIT for. random things like baking cookies, having a closet, having a dog .. not worrying about logistics or directions, etc. there’s nothing else i would rather be doing right now, but i think getting this time out of our system will make us appreciate settling down even more!

— we are so energized yet so tired at the end of each day! i’ve never slept better. i told chase we are mentally exhausted because we have no routine – our minds are constantly learning new things, our eyes are seeing new things, are brains are figuring out new logistics & directions and we are constantly out of our comfort zones.

— chase and i have been together pretty much 24/7 for the past 30 days, which has been bonding and sometimes interesting, haha! we have actually done pretty well and chase pointed out that our stage is a good time to do this, being married 3 years before kids. it would have been too stressful as newlyweds, and we wanted to do it now while young! we’ve had lots of fun and laughs along the way. i loved traveling solo and with friends in my single years, but i really love traveling with my husband.

love this guy for putting up with my crazy plans, packing it in, and having
fun with me even when it’s pouring rain & all of our plans change.
IMG_8204i’m constantly turning around to find chase in some
ridiculous position filming something – haha perfect example ^
just one of the crazy things i ask chase to do on the road – french braid my hair!
i am the worst at hair but he’s so good at everything so while in scandinavia
i thought it would be perfect for him to watch a tutorial and do it. (he failed!! :)
Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 4.13.40 PM best part of our nights is staying up late to chat with besties!
fam hangoutwe’ve also had some good times on group video calls with my entire family …
where my dad always uses the google hangout effects and does things
like this ^^ haha, such a goofball! also, yes i am in a hotel robe ^^
one month on the roadcutest little nieces on earth ^^ and happy birthday to madds!
kerm ftkermit made an appearance at our family video chat … you can see
everyone in the boxes at the bottom! always crazy but so fun to all be
“together” even though we’re spread across the globe in south africa,
virginia, utah, and europe –– we somehow feel closer than ever.
IMG_2572this may look like we woke them up early but it was like 11 AM their time ;)
IMG_4516double laptop FTing randy & anna ^^
Collageslove seeing our friends cute babes!
(somehow not pictured: our epic google hangouts with t&t)
this is how we look at church each sunday – listening to translation of the speakers!
it’s pretty amazing that we can find our same church anywhere in the world, and even get
translations of the meeting. so far we’ve done church in ireland, amsterdam, poland, oslo
and tomorrow helsinki! we love meeting the amazing people in these wards / branches.
IMG_0120speaking of what’s important..although we’re not working right now
i brought a BOM study guide and we read some every day on the long bus
or train rides – it’s so nice to just have time to study the important stuff together!
IMG_4113we also have had lots of time to play cards, my favorite :)
glad i packed these for long train rides with no wifi!
IMG_4355cutest train rider ^^
IMG_2157my favorite plane we’ve taken – pink & purple!
favorite old-fashioned european phone i’ve talked on..haha, i really was on the phone
with a rental car company at our bed and breakfast here..i want this phone!
one month on the road^^ favorite european snacks…RHUBARB SODA IS MY OBSESSION!
one month on the road1i’ve caught so many good moments of chase on my phone / snapchat so far..haha
on the left i caught him buying female deodorant (he has always used it, ha so strange!)
and on the right is his poor neck each time he falls asleep on a bus/plane/ train. remind
me i need to get that boy a neck pillow! he still looks cute, kinked neck and all. ^^
Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 10.41.54 PMhere’s my face trying to call friends /fam at home and not reaching them..
we miss our people!
FTi bombard these two with calls far too often ^^
IMG_4218see what i mean? ^^
IMG_3990just a tiny sample of the trains we’ve taken (and will take) this summer ^^
one month on the road2sending off postcards & chocolates // and breakfast on the train lots of mornings ^^
IMG_4113also happening a lot on the train – card games!
i secretly love when there is no wifi … perfect excuse to have
better quality times like cards on the train. what’s better than that?
IMG_2536it’s been so hot, but we also have found some snow in norway .. ^^
we are getting so used to boarding tiny planes at weird airports from
all of the budget airlines we’re flying…i need to add up our flight times!IMG_9813europeans drink coffee with dessert no matter what, so since we don’t drink coffee
we order our favorite steamed milk with honey – trust us, TRY IT.
IMG_2894another thing to try in europe –> DAIM mcflurry. they only have these at
some mcdonalds locations in europe since this is a candy here, but it’s amazing.
IMG_2887^^ potentially the world’s cutest mcdonald’s? we couldn’t resist a daim mcflurry here :)
IMG_9747more vlogging action! :)
IMG_2610more train views ^^ AKA, what my dreams at night are made up of
one of my favorite things is flying into a brand new place i’ve never
been and seeing it for the first time from above. it always gives me
butterflies! this was denmark from above – how amazing is that water?

travel life hack^^ we’re counting on that! :)

i promise to catch up on the blog soon … it has been so hard to keep
planning our travels, enjoying, and then staying up on our posts!
(and dealing with sloooow wifi..) but i have lots of goodness coming.

in the meantime, i’m getting lots of emails with questions and funny comments about
the vlog, our life, etc. so if anyone has any QUESTIONS for us (or mostly chase, the
funny one..) then comment, email, or tweet him (@chaserigby) and he’ll do a little
Q&A vlog this week! i think it will be a funny one if you have some good q’s!