norway’s most unique restaurant

norway’s most unique restaurant

wander into bergen’s potetkjelleren restaurant and you’ll
very quickly be surprised with what you find.

IMG_0396norway's most unique restaurant1through the courtyard and inside of these charming doors
lies a tiny restaurant with one table & the visible kitchen.
surely this can’t be it, right?
IMG_0443right. you’ll be led down a set of stairs and into…

IMG_0410an underground cave for dinner! it goes on and on into three
separate sections, all underground. it is absolutely magical
and so full of history! you’ll truly feel like you’re stepping
back in time in bergen, to its early days dating to 1070 (!!!). 

IMG_0415we started with some apple juice from a nearby
orchard, and it was unbelievable. it’s only norwegian
apples, and they know how to grow them here – TART
and sweet all at once! it was perfect for us non-alcohol drinkers :)

IMG_0418you know a restaurant is good when they bring warm fresh baked bread ^^
norway's most unique restaurant2appetizers included sugar salted salmon (YUM), and
creamy shellfish soup poured hot right at the table.
norway's most unique restaurant3chase went for the ox, and i chose the ling fish.

IMG_0427together we had the set menu, which is what potetkjelleren is
best known for. it can be very pricey, so we divvied the
menu items up and each ordered half so we could try it all!

IMG_0432this meal is very norwegian, so be prepared that the dishes
are cooked with different flavors than you may be used to –
we thought it was a treat to be able to try such norwegian dishes!

IMG_0435 no one else i’d rather be on a date in a cave with ^^
IMG_2423we’ll never forget the time we ate dinner in a norwegian cave! IMG_2435for a special occasion while traveling, this is a pretty memorable
place to dine. the service is the best, mainly because norwegians are
incredibly nice and we made such good friends with our waitress
(seriously we are friends on facebook with her now! :) 

norway's most unique restaurant4thank you potetkjelleren for welcoming us as guests.
just one more reason to love norway!

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