my favorite norwegian town

my favorite norwegian town

i’m beginning to think you can’t go wrong in norway… but there
is one hidden gem town that i fell the most in love with. it’s a must!

IMG_0668aurland is a tiny town tucked into fjord country near flåm.
we ended up staying here out of necessity because flåm was
booked up with high tourist season, but it was the luckiest thing
because we hopped off the bus & instantly knew we had discovered
a dreamland. we hit it at just the right time of night where the
light was hitting in a heavenly way and spreading across the water.
IMG_0658all of the colorful cabins speckle the hillside + the town itself can fit inside the
palm of your hand. we stayed in the cutest of places & soaked up every second.
IMG_0675we were tired after a day full of playing in flåm, but we checked into
the hotel and i made chase take a little hike / walk through the hills.
IMG_0715^^ proof that norway is heaven…look at that heavenly light!

the views from above were more than worth the effort on our tired legs.we didn’t see one other tourist on this walk, or practically one other
person! this quiet peaceful town was so refreshing & needed.

favorite norwegian town8the details of this place were my favorite part and the things i want
to remember forever: the colors, the wildflowers, the post boxes…
IMG_0709IMG_0740favorite norwegian town7how perfect is this ^^ (above) and this: (below)!
IMG_0712i’d like to move into this little yellow house with a red gate.
it comes with plenty of firewood supply, and a little boat..all i need!
IMG_0743favorite norwegian town5chase makes fun of me for taking pictures of every flower
but in norway they were too pretty lining the hillsides!
IMG_0734IMG_0770we stayed at the vangsgaarden hotel which was one of my
european favorites. it is just done so right & so magical.
IMG_0683views like this from the hotel! ^^
IMG_0641i think my favorite hotel view so far ^^
IMG_0755i loved every detail here, down to the wallpaper ^^
IMG_0756favorite norwegian towntwo best parts of norwegian breakfast: warm homemade bread,
topped with brunost cheese. the hotel had the best breakfast! 

favorite norwegian town9favorite norwegian town1
IMG_0635the grounds of the vangsgaarden are SO dreamy!
it is made up of so many different cabins that i loved.
favorite norwegian town4favorite norwegian town10can’t forget the darling bathroom signs + hotel dog! ^^
IMG_0652IMG_0627^^ the town church 
favorite norwegian town2we had to have some norwegian pancakes with jam and cream
in the little ski-decorated train station before heading to oslo.

if you have a bucket list of out-of-the-way hidden gem towns,
add aurland, norway to it and stay at the vangsgaarden.
i hope you do, and i hope i’ll be back too!