hei helsinki!

hei helsinki!

IMG_1872IMG_1754well hei right back at you, helsinki!
the immediate word that comes to mind for finland = friendly.
from the second we arrived we thought this place was a happy,
bright, unexpected gem. i think this is because we hadn’t heard as
much about it, and we were happily surprised by all things finland.
i loved the quieter, cute city contrasted with the incredible nature
surrounding it. we just had a day and a half here coming off the boat
from stockholm before heading on to tallinn, estonia to do the baltics..
so below is a little sampling of some of the ways we experienced helsinki.
IMG_1812welcomed by helsinki tourism in the cutest way possible ^^
see what i mean about the friendly vibe? i am a fan! 
IMG_1862there’s so much yellow sprinkled throughout this city – in the buildings, trams,
flowers, it’s everywhere you look! it’s part of why it seems like such a happy place.

IMG_1816IMG_1868IMG_1880 IMG_1775hei helsinki!8hei helsinki!6since we were hitting our one-month mark of european travels here,
we celebrated the occasion by treating ourselves to (much-needed)
finnish facials at helsinki day spa. the finns know how to do spas right,
and don’t even get me started on the saunas (posting about that next!)

IMG_1748helsinki day spa was right next to our hotel and the best respite
after some grueling travel weeks. it is so gorgeous inside that just
being in this relaxation room was like a spa treatment itself! ^^
hei helsinki!2IMG_1890hei helsinki!15IMG_1739
hei helsinki! hei helsinki!9after some finnish spa time, we used our helsinki cards to take a 90 minute
canal cruise through the finnish archipelago. we didn’t know it would be 90 minutes
when we got on, (we were a little bit starving by the end :) but it’s okay because it took us
through the most beautiful shorelines and into degerö canal, with lots of helsinki history being
told along the way. although i loved stockholm’s archipelago, i enjoyed this tour even more
because it seemed so much more rugged and full of nature just a little bit outside the city.
IMG_1838IMG_1818our route! ^^
IMG_1831IMG_1846the water was so gorgeous. i told chase this is one place i want to come
back with our family one day and spend a month in the summer in a little cabin…

IMG_1859^^ like this one! this one is perfect! ^^
(chase had to tell me this is actually a tiny boat house.. but i’ll still take it!)
IMG_1850i also wouldn’t mind sailing on this green sailboat for a summer ^^
how charming can you get, finland?

IMG_1833the view coming back into helsinki. i love that pretty church! ^^
IMG_1817we wrapped up our 90 minute ride, and we (chase) were getting a bit hungry (hangry)
IMG_1909i realllllly wanted to go on this ferris wheel since we had arrived, and even
though the boat ride was longer than expected i was pushing for it.
chase wanted FOOD, so i told him we could compromise – he could go
get a table somewhere and put in our order, and i’d ride the ferris wheel
and then meet him! you can see what he thought of that idea…
IMG_1911hahah! what a cute husband. he came, even if he wasn’t happy about it.
hei helsinki!18
hei helsinki!16but those views turned his frown upside down ^^
IMG_1860we walked into this other stunning church on the way back (by now i was
getting hangry), but this was worth seeing. i liked seeing a little of the soviet
style architecture after lots of european! it made me want to visit st. petersburg!hei helsinki!7
hei helsinki!14thanks to helsinki tourism for welcoming us, as well as indigo hotel boulevard!
loved both, and i will be back for my summer in a finnish cabin like i promised above!