flåm railway – the most beautiful train journey in the world

flåm railway – the most beautiful train journey in the world

the tagline of the flamsbana says it all: the most beautiful train journey
in the world!
 my face was pressed up against the glass the entire ride,

and i wish i could take this journey a million more times in my life.
i’m pretty sure it’s how the train rides in heaven will be.

IMG_0522the panoramic views offer some of the greenest & most stunning
fjord landscapes in norway. the train hugs the mountain through the
journey, and the steep inclines and curves have you wondering
how on earth this railway was built right into the mountainside.IMG_0548^^ first picture i took out our train window! WHAT?!
IMG_0532this map of the train route gives a sense of how incredible it is ^^
flam railway5IMG_0521every few turns a major waterfall comes into view, and the only
word i can describe them as is breathtaking. truly! i would gasp!
you also go through 20 different tunnels, and that is the best part
because the dark tunnels suddenly open up into unbelievable views.
IMG_0550flam railwayIMG_0541just a casual stop on the train ^^ at this huge waterfall!
it’s misty and loud and pounding and amazing. the train
conductor talks about norway’s mythical creatures & trolls
that have been spotted in the hills in the past, and when you get
out here some music starts playing and you just might spot one! :)
IMG_0558in just a one-hour ride, the train goes from ocean level at the sognefjord
in flåm, to the mountaintop at myrdal mountain station where there’s snow!
IMG_2536IMG_2539IMG_0501blurry greenery zipping past all of the beauty! ^^
IMG_0564IMG_0947as the ride winds down, you start to descend into flåm:
IMG_0568this incredible town on the water & tucked against the fjords
makes you feel okay with the pretty train ride ending. i loved
it here the second we stepped off the train! it’s tiny but beautiful.
IMG_0567IMG_0573we walked off the train and straight into the rail museum
because we were wanting to learn more after that journey! ^^
IMG_0569then we sat for a while to take in the beauty all around.
the color of the water + mountains here is unlike anywhere else.
IMG_0600IMG_0793flam railway4it was straight to toget cafe on the dock for a cozy meal after our trip.
IMG_0611i went straight for the fresh norwegian salmon + potatoes :
two things that they have mastered in this country.
IMG_0613chase went for the burger and fries, something he hasn’t had
for quite some time :) this cafe is great because it’s international
and offers something for everyone in this tiny town. everything
we had was so comforting and hit the spot on a chilly night!
IMG_0518IMG_0617i ended with my favorite steamed milk + a brownie.
am i a little kid with this combo? maybe, but it tasted SO good.
we hung out in this cozy cafe for a while enjoying the views.
IMG_0595we ran into this gorgeous pup after dinner, can you believe
those blue eyes?? i told you i make dog friends everywhere i go! :)
flam railway3 definitely schedule in some time to enjoy the grounds and lobby
of the famous fretheim hotel set right against the mountain here.
IMG_0586 after soaking in flåm, we headed to the next town over to get
some rest before coming back for our fjord safari the next day!
can’t wait to share that! (get a sneak peek here)

all aboard! choo choo!


for more info on the flåm railway, click here.
note that you can ride the flamsbana through NSB as part of a regular train route

connecting from bergen or oslo through myrdal like we did! more info on that at nsb.no.