bryggen: the salty wharf of bergen

bryggen: the salty wharf of bergen

hi again, bergen!
i have another post about you today because i liked you so much.
IMG_0371 this one is all about the colorful bryggen wharf – the waterfront
buildings making up the scene you’ve likely seen in pictures.
IMG_0387norway's salty wharf- bryggenthough it’s a more touristy area, bryggen also has lots of locals, great shops,
restaurants (one below that you MUST try,) and a bustling environment.
IMG_0357here’s chase in his new jacket from a norwegian store we found
and loved here! fun fact about chase: when he buys a new piece
of clothing – he has to wear it right out of the store. every time!
IMG_0195 IMG_0392DCIM100GOPROG0041697.
how cute would he look in one of those norwegian sweaters?
too bad it wouldn’t fit in our backpacks, but when we come
back to norway (which we fully plan to do) i am stocking up. 

norway's salty wharf- bryggen1making friends with some trolls … they are EVERYWHERE in norway!
it seems funny but then you realize how serious the norwegians take
their trolls, and you start to believe in them when you see the mossy hills
they must live in :) the troll fables are the best to hear from locals.
IMG_0189don’t forget snow boots! ^^

bryggen - the salty wharf copywe explored some of the back alleyways before finding our favorite
dinner in bergen. i really suggest everyone eat here while visiting bergen!

IMG_0360it’s called enhjørningen, which translates to unicorn in norwegian.
just look for the unicorn sign on the building right on bryggen – yes,
you get to eat right inside that cute yellow building on the wharf!
IMG_0221you won’t believe it when you walk in and see this place.
dating from the early middle ages, the whole building has been carefully
restored to its condition in the 18th centuty, when it was occupied by a
hanseatic merchant who used this deep, narrow building as both business
and living quarters. now it’s a norwegian fishrestaurant with unique character.
IMG_0219seaside bergen is definitely the place to eat seafood, and this restaurant
is the best place for the diner who appreciates the fruits of the sea.
although the restaurant’s interior is so incredible, the atmosphere
is relaxed with a sun-splashed view of the bergen waterfront.
bryggen - the salty wharf7i couldn’t get enough of the lacy curtains with views of the water ..
and the view of the restaurant’s unicorn sign right there too! ^^
IMG_0229a fresh salad with all local veggies couldn’t have tasted better.
i was craving this after lots of bread and cheese and meat :)
IMG_0208really, how about this setting? ^^

IMG_0234we branched out and tasted smoked whale, a norwegian
delicacy! (not the endangered type). it was surprisingly tasty.

IMG_0238go for the “fiske trio” fish platter to get a true sample of the freshness
bergen has to offer. made up of halibut, salmon and ling, it is a great
combination. the salmon was especially incredible all through norway,
as were the creamy sauce + veggies which made the dish simple + great.

IMG_0249this is a meal to remember for a long time. we met a family
from san francisco traveling through norway the day after this meal,
and the first thing we recommended in bergen was this restaurant! 

bryggen - the salty wharf3bryggen - the salty wharf5we ended things with the classic norwegian strawberries + cream,
(their strawberries are the best and juiciest ever!) and some brunost
(brown cheese) ice cream. sounds odd, but best thing on earth!
bryggen - the salty wharf1we clearly needed to walk our dinner off, and we did so right
next door at the year-round norwegian CHRISTMAS SHOP!
i am not crazy about seeing christmas things in july, but this
shop is something special. it was pure magic walking up that
slanted & rickety staircase and into this wonderland.

bryggen - the salty wharfnorway knows how to do christmas right. these are just more
things to stock up on when we come back next!

IMG_0487^^ i think chase and i need this one – it looks like us! haha!
output_NO5RDFbye, bergen! this is how we felt about you!

on to flåm.