bright & beautiful bergen

bright & beautiful bergen

from stormy stavanger we headed up to bright, beautiful bergen!
(clearly i’m feeling the alliterations today :)
we came arrived from stavanger by bus/ ferry.
(prettiest bus ride you’ll ever take)
IMG_0265this city on norway’s west coast is pretty hard not to love.
it’s colorful, friendly, by the sea, and it draws you right in.
bryggen, the colorful wharf, is the touristy but must- visit area.
a complete separate post is coming on this area!

IMG_0351IMG_0200it is also norway’s rainiest city since it’s on the west coast,
but we caught it in all different lights – and loved them all!
bright & beautiful bergenwe stayed at basic hotel bergen, a small european style hotel
which is basic in the best way possible! it’s simple, inexpensive,
and really central. we were welcomed in from the rain and given
all we needed to explore the city. my favorite touch was the reminders
on the door as you leave – don’t forget keys, wallet, phone, and a smile! :)
bright & beautiful bergen1

IMG_0344another touch i loved was that since this hotel is smaller, they offer
vouchers to try some of the best breakfast spots & bakeries in town.

Collagesnothing can beat european hot chocolate – literally
just chocolate bars melted into steamed milk ^^
IMG_0163IMG_0144pretty, colorful buildings at every turn. i love how they go into the hillside.
IMG_0280in bergen the fløibanen funicular to mt. fløyen is an absolute must.
the view from the top is one of the best and gives such a sense of
bergen. you can also hike up, but it’s not expensive and an experience
to ride the funicular! it goes surprisingly fast! be sure to sit by a window.
IMG_0282the bergen card gave us half off our tickets, so it was a no brainer ^^
IMG_0288and up we go! ^^
IMG_0311views from the top – we timed this right in between rain showers!
IMG_0303we met the cutest dog at the top and hung out with him and his
norwegian owner for a good 20 minutes. he was feeding the dog
waffles after their daily 3 hour hike! he was the best trained dog
and would NOT take the waffle until his owner gave him the signal.
you can see more of it in the vlog, haha SO CUTE! i think this blog
is just turning into pictures of the cute dogs of europe..whoops!
IMG_0312IMG_0328and down we go, just in time for it to start raining again!
bright & beautiful bergengetting my norwegian treats! ^^
bright & beautiful bergen2we ventured to the famed fish market of course. there is incredible
fresh fish, but be warned – it is CRAZY expensive to eat here! the
average was €40 for a paper plate of fish. we knew norway was
expensive, but i’ve never seen street food that highly priced!
IMG_0342we sampled fish but went for hot dogs for lunch instead (wayyy cheaper :)
chase was brave and got a REINDEER hot dog. i told him he’s definitely
going on santa’s naughty list this year, right? a reindeer?! so sad!

bright & beautiful bergen3IMG_0279when in norway, you have to try the solo – the soda invented here.
it used to sell more than coke in norway, and you can see what chase
thinks it tastes like here. it wasn’t my favorite, but had to try!

bright & beautiful bergen6norway has the best style & shopping.
can you guess who bought something new of the two of us?
(again, answer is in the vlog at the end – haa!)
bright & beautiful bergen2cutest decorations in each store ^^
IMG_0158 IMG_0179since we had a bit more time in bergen, we enjoyed the scenery
on a run one morning as well. it doesn’t get much better! ^^

IMG_2356Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
IMG_2358 clearly we had a big crush on bergen.

i still have a post about their bryygen wharf coming,
(don’t even get me started on the christmas shop…)

and our most memorable norwegian meal – in a CAVE!

and now, the vlog to compliment this post: