a taste of tallinn, estonia

a taste of tallinn, estonia

this capital city of estonia was an unexpected favorite of ours.
as we wandered the empty cobblestone streets the first night we arrived,
we were in awe of the charm. it was a sunday night and the town was basically
shut down, giving us the streets to ourselves. the next day we realized how special
this was when the cruise ships unloaded and the streets were PACKED – which is
still fun, but it really made us appreciate the magic hour we got here our first night.

IMG_2931there’s something tangible in the air of tallinn – and all the baltic
cities – that makes them so worth visiting. this is more than just another
colorful european town full of charm…it has a gritty (recent) history of being
occupied, and the evidence of that is felt mostly by the strength that the town
has bounced back with. there’s a creative & positive energy here that is so impressive
especially given the negative past. there are rough edges, but the heart of this place is gold.IMG_1983IMG_2134this wall is like this city : it may have some scuffs on it, but they are
implemented into the history and make the picture even prettier.
cheesy, but kind of makes sense right? haha, oh my metaphors.
(chase makes fun of them – i think i got them from my mom! :)
tallinn9IMG_1991IMG_2963pretty doorways EVERYWHERE.
tallinnphone snaps from our first evening walk around ^^
IMG_1993IMG_2006the old town square is one of the best we’ve seen!
and from the square, the city winds all around and only gets better.
IMG_2008a lot of restaurants have traditional estonian food + people
dressed the part. yes they are touristy, but also charming!
IMG_2029IMG_2050the political nerd in me had to see the estonian parliament building.
i think it has to win cutest parliament building in the world!
tallinn15IMG_2013IMG_2101our favorite view ^^ we came back to this spot at
all different times and different lights for photos.
IMG_2122we also couldn’t stay away from this sweet wall right by this view.
i love what it says, and we took 20 pictures right by it because
i know we’ll love looking back on this travel as “the times we had!”
IMG_2073IMG_2079tallinn18i have big big plans for our future front door one day after
seeing all of the perfect front doors throughout europe. ^^
IMG_1949one morning we were invited on a hot air balloon ride with balloon tallin!
we didn’t realize it was a different type of tethered helium balloon that takes off
and lands the same place, so it basically just rises straight up (so high) and
stays there without drifting. it was a short ride because it was SOO windy up
there and we actually got really freaked out since we were the only ones
in it and it was kind of tipping- haha! luckily we took a real hot air ballon
the next week in vilnius which wasn’t scary. this provided a great view though!
IMG_1950views from the balloon ^^ this company can be found right by the
ferry docks, so it’s easy coming off a cruise and give a view of old
town. right next to it there is a crane which lifts a table and
chairs in harnesses up for “dinner in the sky.” um, scary!!

IMG_1959taking in the views ^^
tallinn7old town in one direction, the baltic in the other ^^
tallinn8happy to be back on the ground, it was into town we went.
IMG_1998IMG_2005medieval details on buildings ^^
tallinn19beauty all around, from the narrow streets to the rosebushes ^^
tallinn13this church gives a soviet influence on the european town ^^
it is one of the prettiest buildings to see in person – the sunlight
hits the gold tips at certain hours and it will blow you away!
IMG_2011the artist’s alleyway is also fun to stroll in tallinn, full of just
what you’d expect – local artists & pictures hanging up for sale.
tallinn3the pastels here tickled my fancy ^^

IMG_2091back to this view for some drone flying ^^
IMG_2111and yes, back to this wall. it made me want to cry from nostalgia every
time we saw it. have you ever had nostalgia for something that isn’t over yet?
does that even make sense? hence the reason i needed to take so many pictures.
IMG_2121 IMG_2127 IMG_2168remember to eat at kompressor pancake house
for lunch in tallinn.
two words: HUGE crepes.
IMG_2874 tallinn1trust me: you will never want to stop wandering these streets.
tallinn2^^ you may not want to wander this museum though.. haha
tallinn6IMG_2065IMG_2057 tallinn17IMG_2182tallinn11 tallinn24for dinner in tallinn, you should head to the city’s hippest restaurant (and store), sfaar.
it has modern influences combined with traditional estonian cooking + flavors.
IMG_2157it’s a perfect example of the way tallinn is thriving. the food
is a taste of old estonia mixed with modern estonia. on top of it all,
the boutique in the restaurant represents new estonia and is so well curated.
IMG_2158butter topped with fresh salt is the sign of a good restaurant to me!

tallinn22when else do you get to shop around after putting in your food order?
IMG_2161simple dishes done so right ^^
IMG_2164the unique (and beautiful) take on fish n’ chips ^^

tallinn26^^ a little shopping after dinner and before dessert!
we tried the traditional custard pastry + chocolate apricot
cake, which is estonian birthday cake. interesting, right?
tallinn25so long, tallinn! we have a big crush on you!


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