sushi in stavanger

sushi in stavanger

our time in stavanger was based around the priekstolen hike, but we
enjoy this city before and after that adventure. we stayed centrally
in the
comfort hotel square which overlooked a lot of the city and gave
us the lay
of the land. we also explored the shops in old town and had
one of the best meals
before heading up the coast of norway to bergen.

first, a taste of stavanger (pronounced like this :)
Stavanger-Old-Townthe cutest old town lined with flower pots and shops. 
IMG_0058mini daisies are EVERYWHERE in norway which made me so happy.
don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flower? (name that movie) 

IMG_0052norway has the BEST style. see that turquoise toaster? watermelon + pineapple
prints? i want it all but nothing fits in our stuffed backpacks since we’re on the road!
ch_square_deluxe_doubleroom_01_01we had a cozy room at the comfort hotel square stavanger.
my favorite part was the roof terrace and the views!
IMG_0078before we had to get on the road to bergen, we had the best sushi meal.
i know – sushi is unexpected in norway, but it actually makes sense because
they have such fresh seafood so it’s a growing trend here we were glad to experience.

IMG_0067the sushi chef at stavanger’s sabi sushi took 7th place in the national sushi competition
in japan, so safe to say it was the best sushi i’ve had. the fish was so fresh too.
IMG_0070almost too pretty to eat! (almost :)
IMG_0075it was also a refreshing break from all the bread and cheese and meat and potatoes.
we actually have LOVED the food in norway, but this sushi mixed it up.

stavanger to bergeni’m too focused on this goodness to look up for a picture ^^
stavanger to bergen1IMG_0112thank you to sabi sushi for the amazing tasting and experience!
we loved talking more with the marketing manager and this is
proof that chase fits in well in scandinavia –– they are twins!

IMG_0114when in norway, have sushi! that’s what they say – right? :)

on to bergen!