stavanger to bergen

stavanger to bergen

norway may be one of the few places where even a bus ride is
beautiful & memorable. after a lot of driving through ireland
and denmark, we were ready for a break from the wheel. we
took mostly trains through norway, but to connect stavanger
north to bergen we took the kystbussen bus which was the best
decision! normally bus rides are just to save money and not very
pleasant, but this is an exception. it’s a bus ride i’d encourage all
types of travelers to take. it’s really unique and so stunning to go
up the coast in a relaxing way without worrying about directions. 

IMG_0115one of the best parts of this bus ride is the ferries it includes!
we were settling in for a 5 hour ride and about an hour into it,
the bus casually drove straight onto a ferry and we all had to get
out, cross water, then get back on the bus. this happened 4 times
on our drive and made us realize ferries are just a way of life here :)

Desktopi was so confused beforehand when i looked at the map, wondering
how we would drive through these islands. should have guessed a ferry!

stavanger to bergen2 if you’re driving on your own, you can call ahead to
reserve spots on the ferries. the main line is fjord1.
we also recommend stocking up on daim candies and
trying the classic norwegian solo soda on the drive :)
Desktop1we loved the souvenir shops along the way, full
of trolls and all things vikings – ha! and no, chase
didn’t get those items despite them looking great :)
IMG_0301how cute are these little norwegian dolls? ^^
IMG_0034prepare yourself for views contrasting between huge
fjords and tiny mountain cabins! my eyes were glued
outside the window the entire time. don’t sleep on this ride!

IMG_2332this is how i found chase at the end of the ride – not wanting
this drive to end! luckily we had beautiful bergen awaiting..
IMG_2462 IMG_0138more from here soon!