paris, mon amour

paris, mon amour

another post of paris today, full of all my favorite things about it!
this visit was about my 10th time here, which i know sounds ridiculous..
but lots of those are from during my previous times abroad living nearby!
IMG_9592despite visiting many times, i’ve never had such a relaxing week here
that felt stress-free and almost like we lived here. we planned a full week
in the city since chase had some big decisions happening with work and
we were also meeting friends. since we came together two years ago
and saw practically EVERY main sight together, we both promised that
this time would be much more laid back. good thing too, since it was
hotter than ever and gave us the excuse to enjoy it like locals! no waiting
in lines, no monuments, no stress…just time to wander, explore, see new
places, sunbathe, EAT, see friends, & enjoy. it was paris in a whole new light!
(lots of pictures below, and a vlog at the bottom ;)
IMG_9174if you saw the number of door pictures on my camera you’d laugh.
why doesn’t the US have more colorful / unique doors? i love.
my perfect parisian lunch – a fresh baguette (crusty on the outside,
soft on the inside)
with french cheese, sparkling water + cherries.
eating in paris can be expensive, but it
can also be very
very cheap if you pick this combo up at the market!
IMG_9175a sparkling water tastes so much better with that view..
do you spy the out of focus eiffel in the back?
IMG_9596of course you can’t forget a glace or crepe afterwards!
IMG_9022my longchamp bag matched paris cafés so well! (thanks mom :)
IMG_9024speaking of french food, i don’t want to count the number of
croque monsieurs we consumed in this one week. ^^^
IMG_9539nor the amount of perfect, crispy, buttery french croissants.
IMG_9508the french (and europe in general) have a knack for appreciating
fresh flowers. they are just a way of life, not a luxury. how it should be.
IMG_9536my favorite door ^^ i took this while walking so it is a
little blurry, but still my favorite. that mint + gold!!!
IMG_9365montmartre2we paid a visit to montmartre on a day so hot i couldn’t even
change out of my swimsuit top from earlier in the day! ha!
IMG_9027see what i mean with the flowers?
IMG_9034and again with the doors.
IMG_9095every single turn is a new favorite building. that pink color!!!
IMG_9077how can you not get a crepe from a stand as cute as this?
IMG_9167can you imagine the view from the rooftop terrace of this building?
i always love imagining the people who live in places like this building.
paris, mon amourparis apartment views + rooftops in the marais
IMG_9366paris fail= our second day i was buying metro tickets and
i had a bunch of bags + a camera around my neck. i ran up
some steps to go find chase, and completely slipped and fell
HARD. i don’t even know the last time i fell, but this counted
for a few years worth of clumsiness. i smacked the camera,
everything fell out of my bag, and my hands got the little road
rash cuts that still hurt as i type this … haha! i was fine and kind
of in shock as people helped me up, but as soon as i saw chase i
started getting teary! so upsetting to fall OVER haha. i could laugh
about it an hour later but poor camera, poor hands, and poor knee!
paris, mon amour4a cherry picnic at luxembourg gardens + some bon marché shopping helped :)
IMG_9558luxembourg gardens on a perfect (but hot) day ^^
IMG_9559IMG_9580IMG_9082seine strolls ^^
IMG_9151we stopped into google paris, which is in the classiest white parisian
building but still has the google flair at the gates :) love it! ^^

IMG_9157i felt creepy taking this but couldn’t help it because
can we get married again chase? :)

IMG_9173oops, another door.
IMG_9178nothing better than a seine river cruise on a HOT day!
paris, mon amour3paris, mon amour2one night we did something i haven’t done, the SWINGS in the little tuilieries
amusement park! most memorable thing – more in the final post coming tomorrow.


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