irish vlog!

irish vlog!

chase just caught up on all of his footage and editing
(he’s getting used to getting it done on the road..) so it’s a few days
behind, but sharing this last vlog from our irish road trip. i think

it’s my favorite yet, showing the cliffs of mohor, charming irish towns,
and the countryside house we stayed in (heart eyes for that place!)
it also has some of the best footage chase has ever taken with his copter, so watch for that. it’s breathtaking!

enjoy.. we loved you, ireland!

cliffs of mohor


13 thoughts on “irish vlog!”

  • Okay, I’m officially obsessed I just subscribed to the youtube channel lol. And I watched the one “driving on the wrong side of the road” and now I am so glad that we didn’t rent a car there haha. Plus, I forgot that they drive stick shift! HOW?! The whole time I was thinking how if that were my husband and I trying to drive…and would be like BLEEP BLEEP the whole time haha. You guys are the cutest.

    xo. Morgan / morningapple

  • Absolutely stunning copter footage. My goodness. What cameras do you use for these videos? A GoPro and something else? I love the idea of creating short vacation videos that encapsulate the highlights!

    • of course we don’t mind! please make some vlogs :) haha
      we both like final cut pro, but on our laptops we have with us chase is just using gopro studio to edit (he doesn’t love it but it does the job) and i use iMovie when i do them!

    • hi!
      wow this article is so interesting, thanks for sending! i agree with many parts of it and mostly think that perception and representation is key. i hope people realize in our case, chase has a unique situation with work where he has a break between roles, and i am working to build up my own business and nonprofit so i’m taking 6 months to try this with the hope that my background and master’s can help me get a job if needed. we are lucky to have supportive friends and family who would help us if needed, but we’ve been given no money outside of our own savings and this is definitely a calculated risk to us…not just a fancy free time! :) i would never say it’s for everyone, and i would hope we know and show how lucky we feel to be taking this leap. we are staying in hostels and taking overnight buses and being smart to where we are almost spending less than we did living in san francisco, but i know it can still come off as carefree and crazy. sorry for the novel response, but i loved taking some time to think about this and would love to hear your thoughts!!!


      • Thanks for the reply! I love hearing your story and appreciate learning about the “real life” part of your adventures! It seems as though a lot of travel bloggers just flit around the world on some unrealistic adventure, and it’s refreshing to hear about the way the two of you are making it work while still being real people with real struggles and decisions to make :-) It would be fun to learn more about this topic if you feel like it’s appropriate to share. Thanks again, and happy travels!

  • Loving all the vlogs and your Europe photos! Stay safe driving on the wrong side of the road, you two. : )

  • What a breathtaking view from those cliffs! Amazing. So funny that they wouldn’t let you fly the copter there? That’s lame, I think. I seriously don’t know how you guys survive driving around on the wrong side of the car… wrong side of the road… I definitely would have gotten in a crash by this point I think.

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