hiking preikestolen: pulpit rock

hiking preikestolen: pulpit rock

“hei hei” from norway!!
we’re starting off this country with a bang – we landed in stavanger
and immediately boarded a ferry to a bus to head onto one of
the best hikes of our life: preikestolen’s pulpit rock. W-O-W.

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i can’t even find words for this breathtaking hike –
it was everything we imagined norway would be and more.
i love that it was our very first taste of this country fresh off the plane.
IMG_0030norwegians know how to hike. the trails are so well-marked and
well-kept, and it’s just a way of life! there is a norwegian saying we
learned which translates to “out on a hike, never unhappy.” :) :)
IMG_9995sorry dad, i know you won’t like this pic so much! ^^^ ;)
 lots of pictures and descriptions of the hike are below the vlog!
watch here for some pretty amazing drone footage first:

now that you have a feel for the hike and views, here is some background.
it was supposed to be pouring rain, but we
waited it out in the base cabin
and started the hike a bit later, making it to the
top right when the
rain stopped and sun broke! we think this is a
must when in
norway, and it wasn’t too tricky to get to from stavanger.
IMG_9952we took the flybussen bus from the stavanger airport into city
center, dropped our bags at our comfort square hotel, and we were off
to the ferry! we crossed to tau and caught the tide bus to priekestolen
fjellstue. it’s all reasonable, reliable, and smooth. i think it’s easier
to take these means of public transport rather than rent a car here.
IMG_9844waiting out at the base cabin (where we plan to return and stay next time!)

chase passed time by getting some time lapses of the fast-moving clouds.
IMG_9852i passed time by soaking in the prettiest, brightest wildflowers ^^
IMG_9853we looked at the hour-by-hour weather, and decided it was time to
start our hike up so we could be at the top at a good time ^^
preikestolen hikehappy hikers! ^^
IMG_9876the hike itself just kept getting prettier. lots of waterfalls, moss,
greenery, rocks, and incredible views the higher we climbed ^^
nearing the top, and dying over the views already!
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIMG_2238IMG_9904
IMG_0017IMG_9939we summited and came within view of
pulpit rock – there she is behind us! ^^
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after patiently waiting, we got some pretty amazing photos
out here on the ledge! if you are willing to swap with someone
else and take each other’s photos, you can get some great ones here.

IMG_0005i spy chase!! at the time, this wasn’t even scary to me – but
everyone’s reactions to these pictures makes me look at them
now and think .. how were we doing that so casually?!
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset IMG_9956 and, how were we doing this so casually?!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetit really was the coolest view looking straight down thousands of feet.
preikestolen hike5hello norway!!!!
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset like i said here, the best thing to hold onto in life is each
other … especially when on top of a norwegian cliff!!
Preikestolen pulpit-rock
IMG_9971taking one last look at those views…
IMG_9986and we began our descent down before the next rainstorm hit.
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset i LOVED this incredible hike and day with my sweetheart.
top 3 hikes of life, up there with the grand teton and half dome.

preikestolen hike6^^ we got a hot chocolate in the lodge (and took a pic of our
hike route) before catching the tide bus back to the ferry!


back to stavanger we went after a successful day of hiking.
we were tired, but happy…and already in love with norway!

lots more to come from the most incredible place we’ve been.